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RAM 9000 Series Cellular RTU

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RAM 9000 Series Cellular RTU


Sixnet RAM 9000 Series from Red Lion are industrial cellular RTUs that offer a secure and reliable method of remotely monitoring deployed assets that utilize cellular carrier networks. Ideal for harsh environments, our rugged RAM 9000 RTUs are ideal for connecting to Modbus or DNP3 devices such as SCADA servers, PLCs, remote I/O, and other automation equipment.

  • 4G LTE With Fallback
  • RS-485 and RS-232 Serial Ports
  • 1 or 2 Ethernet Port Models
  • 2 Digital Inputs and 3 Analog Inputs
  • 2 Digital Outputs and 1 Relay
  • Active GPS for asset location info
  • Optional Wi-Fi
  • UL Class 1, Div. 2, Groups A,B,C & D
  • ATEX and IEC Ex Options


Red Lion adds new Sixnet series RAM 9000 to its cellular automation portfolio. The high-performance RAM 9000 industrial cellular RTU provides a rugged, reliable solution for monitoring and controlling remote assets and processes in extreme conditions.

  • High-Density On-Board I/O
  • Multiple Communication Ports
  • Active GPS Receiver

Remote Process Management of SCADA Equipment

RAM 9000 industrial cellular RTUs seamlessly connect Modbus and DNP3 enabled SCADA equipment via software selectable multi-carrier 4G LTE to remote networks or select Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Cloud platforms. Featuring a web-based event engine that can trigger built-in I/O or send SMS text messages based on real-time operational data, RAM cellular RTUs can perform advanced control at the edge and alert personnel of critical events.

A built-in I/O concentrator allows the RAM to collect sensor data from on-board I/O or connected devices. RAM RTUs can optimize cellular data consumption by optionally reporting only on an exception or only transmitting relevant data points saving time and money. With built-in Ethernet, serial, digital and analog I/O and GPS, RAM RTUs easily integrate with existing equipment enabling remote monitoring and control for M2M applications in industries including oil and gas, water/wastewater, utility, transportation and mining.

Cellular Remote Terminal Unit for Automation and Process Control

Using a single web-based user interface, Red Lion cellular units simplify I/O, network, and security configurations to integrate complex hardware settings. This easy-to-manage configuration reduces the cost and complexity of deploying and administering multiple devices at remote locations. Furthermore, an integrated configurable stateful firewall provides intrusion protection and encrypted data access while a built-in Software Development Kit (SDK) enables users to develop custom applications.

Working in conjunction with SixView Manager remote monitoring and control software, RAM RTUs provide low- cost, real-time access to outlying sites.

  • Supports Multi-Carrier 4G LTE connectivity with fall back
  • Real-time access to mission-critical data through built-in Modbus gateway
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for custom application support
  • Native support for DNP3 and Modbus protocols
  • Integrated security firewall provides intrusion protection
  • Simplified deployment and configuration with single web-based GUI
  • Support for new and legacy devices with RS232 / RS485 serial or RJ45 Ethernet
  • Powerful event engine that can trigger built-in I/O, send SMS text or email alerts based on real-time operational data.

RTU with Built-in I/O, GPS, and More

Fixed or mobile assets can be difficult to find in an emergency. The RAM 9000 features a built-in active GPS receiver that can be configured to transmit location information of the device when specific criteria are met.

The RAM 9000 combines built-in I/O and an active GPS receiver with multiple serial and Ethernet ports to securely monitor remote devices via 4G LTE cellular communications. Ideal for deployment in industrial M2M networks such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, utility, transportation, and mining applications. The RAM 9000 provides a seamless network extension to remote locations. With more I/O than many competitive offerings, the RAM 9000 enables customers to save wiring time, space, and cost by combining separate functions into one cellular device.

Sixnet RAM 9000 Series Cellular RTU with 4G LTE

RAM 9000 cellular RTUs feature 4G LTE connectivity with software selectable multi-carrier support providing fallback. This provides the flexibility to change cellular carrier networks without the need to replace hardware. In addition, with SMS Control there is no need to have an always-on connection; users can utilize SMS to do things like enabling VPN service for on-demand, secure communication.

  • Reliable operation in extreme conditions with -40° to 75°C operating temperature range
  • Supports varying field power 8-30 VDC (12 or 24 VDC nominal)
  • Features DIN rail and panel mounting for diverse applications
  • Built to withstand industrial environments offering shock, vibration, humidity and electrical safety certifications:
  • IEC60068-2-27, IEC6008-2-6, UL508/CSA22.2/14, CUL: IEC61010‐1
  • 5% to 95% Non-Condensing

Connectivity from Cellular RTUs

Natively supporting Modbus, DNP3, and MQTT protocols, RAM 9000 industrial RTUs include high-density I/O with digital and analog and a relay. This helps to eliminate the need for external I/O to control applications. Our cellular RTUs are available with an optional split-LAN (WAN/LAN) architecture and features up to two 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet ports. They also feature one RS-232 and one RS-485 serial port supporting serial-to-IP conversions.

  • More certified cellular carrier specific devices
  • SMS text messaging
  • SD card support for data logging or configuration upload/download
  • Support for SIM2 slot to allow multiple cellular account/carrier usage
  • Support for USB host port

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Cloud Connectivity

Red Lion’s RAM industrial cellular RTUs feature cloud connectivity, which allows for reliable, secure, and scalable communication to leading IIoT cloud platforms. RAMQTT, Red Lion’s native MQTT client, simplifies implementations with pre-configured profiles for Microsoft Azure, AT&T M2X, Amazon AWS IoT, AutoDesk Fusion Connect, Nokia IMPACT, Cumulocity, and Telenor Connexion. This functionality enables organizations to easily establish communication and start pushing data to select cloud platforms in minutes. Using the RAM software development kit (SDK), connectivity can be configured for additional platforms, including Telit deviceWISE, Set-Point IPwebcontrol, LEC IQ Web SCADA, and Skkynet Skkyhub, to seamlessly connect, monitor and control equipment.

Event Engine

With an intuitive web-based, menu-driven interface that requires no knowledge of programming languages, the powerful RAM event engine can quickly be configured to trigger actions when pre-defined alarm values are met. For example, if a tank level is too high or a pressure level is out of range, the RAM event engine will not only cycle a relay to stop a pump or close a valve but can also send text message notifications to alert when actions should be taken.

Secure Connectivity for Industrial Processes

Designed to deliver secure communications to remote locations, our industrial cellular RTUs support robust security features such as VPN tunnels, port forwarding, stateful firewall, packet filtering, data encryption, and an Access Control List (ACL).

Available with DIN-rail / flush-mounting and a rugged metal enclosure, the RAM 9000 is designed to operate in harsh industrial environments. These industrial cellular RTUs also provide security features that include a stateful firewall, VPN client/host services and secure routing functionality.

  • Control systems that have no extra I/O can have signals brought directly into RAM 9000
  • OEMs can connect remotely to equipment in the field to troubleshoot or update controllers
  • Can provide true redundant backhaul communications and remove the risk of failure of wired only networks

User Friendly RTU with Remote Management

Each RAM 9000 cellular RTU can be managed locally through direct device connection or remotely via SixView Manager software. Our flexible remote management software package is designed to increase productivity and reduce the cost for organizations using Sixnet series industrial cellular RTUs. With a web-based console and customized dashboard, users are able to remotely access, configure, and manage critical device information from a central location.

Connecting to several remotely deployed assets no longer requires multiple pieces of hardware to be installed. The RAM 9000 offers multiple ports – 1 RS-232, 1 RS-485, Ethernet and USB device– to seamlessly connect with remote equipment.

High Density On-board I/O

Monitoring and controlling field assets through the use of I/O has traditionally required multiple devices to connect, collect and transmit I/O points. Featuring built-in analog and digital I/O that includes 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, 3 analog inputs and 1 relay output, the RAM 9000 lowers total system cost by providing a robust platform for monitoring and controlling deployed assets in remote environments.