Stafford, Texas

PR 4104 Universal Unipolar / Bipolar Signal Transmitter

PR 4104 Universal Unipolar / Bipolar Signal Transmitter

  • Measures and outputs uni-/bipolar voltage and current signals
  • Works with both passive and active inputs and outputs
  • Uses the PR 45xx display for programming and process monitoring
  • Fast < 20 ms response time and excellent < 0.05% accuracy
  • Universally powered by 21.6…253 VAC / 19.2…300 VDC


  • Fast < 20 ms response time for measuring signals produced by torque, position, current, & acceleration sensors.
  • User-configurable bipolar or unipolar I/O means the 4104 is suitable for nearly any voltage or current conversion.
  • The excitation source enables measurement of two or three-wire transmitters.
  • The active or passive I/O makes the 4104 perfect for power matching current loops.
  • Converts narrow bipolar inputs to wide bipolar or unipolar outputs, e.g., ±1 volt input = ±10 volt or 4…20 mA output.
  • Selectable direct or inverse I/O makes the 4104 suitable for proportional control applications.
  • The ”V-curve” function outputs 100% – 0 – 100% when a 0 – 100% input signal is present.

Technical characteristics

  • The latest analog and digital techniques are used to obtain maximum accuracy and immunity to interference.
  • The current output can drive up to 800 Ohms, with an adjustable response time of 0.0…60.0 seconds.
  • Exceptional mA output load stability of < 0.001% of span/100 Ohm.
  • Meets the NAMUR NE21 recommendations, ensuring high accuracy in harsh EMC environments.
  • Meets the NAMUR NE43 recommendations, allowing the control system to easily detect a sensor error.
  • Each unit is tested to a high 2.3 kVAC, 3-port galvanic isolation level.
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio of > 60 dB.

Mounting / installation / programming

  • Very low power consumption means units can be mounted side by side without an air gap – even at 60°C ambient temperature.
  • Approved for marine applications.
  • Configuration, monitoring, 2-point process calibration, and more are accomplished using PR’s 45xx detachable displays.
  • All programming can be password protected.