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DEHNpatch Ethernet Outdoor

DEHNpatch Ethernet Outdoor

DEHNpatch – Arrester for Data Networks and Ethernet Applications

Universal surge arrester for GBit Ethernet applications, Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 compliant up to PoE++ / 4PPoE) and similar applications in structured cabling systems in indoor and outdoor areas in an IP66 rated enclosure impervious to dust and water jets. Protection of all pairs with gas discharge tubes and one adapted filter matrix for each pair. Fully shielded surge protective solution with RJ 45 sockets. Universal mounting bracket for pole and wall mounting.
External accessories: Tensioning straps for pole mounting


Surge arresters of the DEHNpatch family fulfill various requirements for a universal application for Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 compliant up to PoE++ / 4PPoE) as well as general applications in structured cablings up to the Gbit range. Due to the different product designs the SPDs are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation in different environmental conditions.

The space-saving design of the DEHNpatch surge arrester as patch cable or as compact socket-socket design is especially easy to install. Thus, not only new systems can be equipped easily but also retrofitting is possible anytime without great effort. Due to its fully shielded design, DEHNpatch can be used in shielded and unshielded networks.
DEHNpatch is installed between patch panel and active component (e.g. switch). A safe equipotential bonding is provided by the surge current resistant DIN rail supporting foot with snap-in mechanism. Standard DEHNpatch will be supplied with integrated patch cable with a length of 3 m. Arresters with other, customised cable lengths are available upon request up to a total cable length of 10 m.
The width of the DIN rail mounting devices is similar to that of an RJ45 socket, allowing up to 24 devices to be installed next to one another in a 19“ rack. For multiple application in 19“ distribution boards a DEHNpatch mounting set is recommended which is available as accessory.

The IP66 version of DEHNpatch with its universal mounting device, especially developed for outdoor applications, can be installed on poles as well as on walls. The arrester is directly earthed via the metal enclosure. Screws in the enclosure cover are secured against falling out which facilitates installation also at great heights (e.g. on poles). Special cable seals enable an easy and low-effort installation of the arrester with pre-assembled patch cables. An additional effort of mounting RJ45 plugs on the building entry cable can be omitted.