Stafford, Texas

SenSmart 5000 Gas Detector

We are excited to announce the next release from our Universal Gas Detector Series, our SenSmart 5000 3 wire Gas Detector. Our SenSmart 5000 boasts high performance at a very competitive price. The SenSmart 5000 supports all temperature compensated smart sensor types including Electrochemical, Catalytic Bead,Infrared and Photoionization sensors. It also has Arctic options available for extreme low temperature installations. Offering Modbus abilities and programmable relays, and meeting the demands of the marketplace, there is no competitive product package equivalent. certified for Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2 areas, and feature rich, the SenSmart 5000 is the newest solution to your customer’s application needs! RC Systems knows the superior quality of our products and we want our customers to experience it too!

Innovative Features:

  • Bright color backlit display with configurable alarm colors and large digit, easy to read font display
  • Feature rich, low cost advantage
  • Pay for what you need! Modular system
  • Extremely versatile and user friendly
  • Intuitive menus, Easy to navigate
  • Universal sensor compatibility
  • Alarm and calibration events logged
  • Upgraded accuracy and precision for increased sensor ranges
  • Failsafe relays for critical controls
  • Failure mode detection advantage
  • Enhanced maintenance
  • Dual Color Led for communication status
  • Improved Gen 2 Sensors
  • Heater option available for extreme low temperature installations
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