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Horner Automation

Programmable Logic Controllers

Robust, reliable control that combines a traditional controller with an operator interface, built-in I/O, networking and removable mass data storage into an integrated, all-in-one unit.

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The Horner Automation Difference

The best value in the market for industrial automation all-in-one PLC solutions

Lower Costs, More Options, And Easy To Use

With fully integrated hardware and software, both the RCC and XL series offer easier programming, installation, development and set-up. Our controllers have a small footprint and can easily retrofit into an existing system with little effort. Neither the XL nor the RCC products are limited to their on-board I/O. Many variations of distributed remote I/O, including SmartBlock, SmartStix, and SmartMod can be connected via CsCAN, Ethernet, or Modbus. RTU/Modbus based SmartMod I/O is also a cost-effective means of adding a small amount of analog I/O. The XL series is the first industrial product to utilize microSD™Data Storage Memory, ideal for data logging, machine recipes, and application files.


The XL series is designed as a modular system for easy selection and growth; CsCAN (CAN Based) high speed networking and Modbus RTU networking capabilities are standard in both series controllers. Ethernet is standard in the XL series of controllers, and available as an optional component in all other models. Remote I/O options offer high performance, accurate analog, and easy-to-configure digital only modules. Horner I/O has flexible communication options that easily expand current systems.

Customized For Specific OEM Needs

The XL series is designed to look like white label operator stations, fitting in with most cabinet, console designs, and color schemes. You can add a customized overlay to match your language, logo, and industry terms. This gives you the flexibility to use the XL series in any application.Additionally, the XL series can be utilized to control any machine by connecting it with our best-in-class motion control solution. Delivering a unified programming environment for application development – our suite of controllers, drives and motors will help to effectively increase productivity, performance and throughput at a competitive, cost-effective price.

Powerful, Secure Cscape Programming Software

The XL series (developed using a single, industry-recognized software platform, Cscape) combines graphical ladder logic programming, operator interface development, I/O configuration and network configuration. The user-friendly interface provides free form and drag & drop editor, as well as more than 100 functions to choose from. In addition to the Cscape Advanced Ladder offering, Cscape also supports the IEC 1131 programming languages. From the Horner website,, download the Cscape software or software updates at no charge. This free service allows you to avoid costly licensing fees while always having the most up-to-date software version.

Cost Comparison Between Horner and Allen Bradley PLC

There are endless applications for small programmable logic controllers, and they typically will result in increased product quality, increased safety, and better process oversight and data. They also almost always result in less operator intervention and workload. This comparison will examine the costs of hardware and software for a relatively small application which requires a local human-machine touch interface. Some of the basic assumptions are: