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RV Series RVDT Rotary Position Sensors

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RV Series RVDT Rotary Position Sensors

NewTek RV Series is a family of RVDT rotary position sensors for industrial applications. RVDT technology is known for reliability and ruggedness in harsh environments. The non-contact design allows for extremely long operational life and reliability and eliminates internal components that might wear or degrade over time.


With a non-contact style of measurement, RVDT rotary position sensors offer good noise performance with excellent repeatability.  The NewTek RV Series is available in two sizes: The RV 8-30 is a size 8 (0.75 inch diameter) and the RV 11-30 is a size 11 (1.06 inch diameter).


NewTek RVDT Rotary Position Sensors

  • Size 8 and Size 11
  • Available in ±30° range
  • Full 360° mechanical travel with no stops
  • Excellent Linearity ±0.5% of Full Range
  • Shock and vibration tolerant
  • Wide operating temperature range (-65°F to 221°F)
  • Contactless RVDT Technology

Uses of RVDT Sensors

  • Actuator Feedback
  • Quarter-Turn Valve Position Sensing
  • Throttle Position
  • Dancer Arm Tensioner Position
  • Harsh Environments

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