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CSMSTR Modular Controller

Brand:Red Lion

CSMSTR Modular Controller

The CSMSTR Modular Controller allows for a custom controller to be configured for each application. The CSMSTR allows up to 16 Responder modules to be connected and powered to a single Commander controller.


The Modular Controller provides a platform that can be updated to operate in a wide variety of applications by simply plugging in I/O modules that meet the requirements of the application. Upon installation of modules, the CSMSTR automatically identifies and addresses connected Responder (Slave) modules simplifying deployments and reducing technical requirements. The CSMSTR automatically configures modules if they are replaced, by storing configuration files of each associated module.

Communication on this Modular Controller

The CSMSTR Modular Controller provides high-speed RS232/422/485 communication ports and a 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet port for connection to PCs, PLCs, and SCADA systems. An extensive list of Commander and Responder (Master and Slave) protocol drivers are available to allow the CSMSTR to share and exchange variable data with external devices.


The CSMSTR offers a virtual HMI feature allowing for monitoring and control of an HMI from any networked PC. The virtual HMI is available in three different resolutions (320 x 240 or 640 x 480 or 1280 x 720).