MBB Series

MBB Series

Product Overview

The NewTek MBB Series gaging probes are spring-loaded AC LVDTs with excellent linearity, great precision, and infinite resolution. Construction consists of the stainless probe assembly and 8 mm diameter housing protected to IP-65. Designed for a wide range of position measurement and dimensional gaging applications, they are available in ranges ±.040 in (±1.0 mm), ±0.100 in (±2.5 mm), and ±0.200 in (±5 mm). The MBB Series features high precision linear ball bearings for smooth probe movement without stiction and excellent repeatability.



  • Diameter available in .315 in (8 mm) and .375 in (9.5 mm)
  • Extremely reliable with greater than 100 million cycles
  • Measurement ranges ±.040 in (±1.0 mm), ±0.100 in (±2.5 mm), and ±0.200 in (±5 mm).
  • Linearity < .5% of Full Range
  • Repeatability of 0.15 µm
  • Available with threaded sleeve and jam nuts (MBT-375)


  • Dimensional Gaging
  • Metal Component Gaging
  • Materials Testing
  • Roundness Measurements
  • Automotive Testing