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LVDT Cable Assembly

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LVDT Cable Assembly

Pre-made cable assemblies are available in a variety of lengths up to 100 ft for all standard NewTek LVDTs with a connector. These cable assemblies can be ordered for AC LVDTs, voltage output LVDTs, current output LVDTs, and Hi-Temp (400°F) LVDTs. The cable assemblies are made with multi-conductor shielded cable with a PVC outer jacket meeting the demands for heavy industrial use. The mating plug is made of heavy duty aluminum alloy and plugs in directly to the LVDT. Cable assemblies terminate with flying leads for simple hookup into a a controller, PLC, or LVDT signal conditioner.


Our NewTek LVDT cable assembly will connect LVDTs to associated electronics, signal conditioning modules, and PLCs. Factory made to plug directly into the LVDTs connector, these assemblies are made of heavy duty industrial shielded cable and make LVDT installation simple and quick.

NewTek cable assemblies have standard lengths from 6 ft to 100 ft in increments of 10 ft. Each assembly is made of rugged Belden 8786 cable, suitable for heavy industrial use. One one end of the cable assembly is the mating plug with a rugged shell. The cable terminates with flying leads that can be easily connected to a PLC, signal processing equipment, or an LVDT signal conditioner.

Standard Temperature LVDT Cable Assembly from NewTek Sensor Solutions


High Temperature LVDT Cable Assemblies


Ordering Linear Position Sensor Cable Assemblies

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