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Gas Bottle Pressure Monitoring System

Gas Bottle Pressure Monitoring System

The Gas Bottle Monitor from Process Solutions Corp. is desgined to monitor the pressure of industrial gas bottles / pressurized analyzer gas tanks and notify operators when supply is running low.

Never Run Out of Gas Again
• transmit pressure to DCS via Modbus TCP
• visually indicates pressure / volume
• alarm notifications when bottles are running low via text, email, or LED light
• cost effective solution
• eliminate operator rounds to check pressures manually


To prevent critical analyzer shut down, we developed an easy to use, minimally designed gas supply monitoring system that includes a touch screen HMI, up to twelve pressure sensors, low supply alarm function, and remaining supply estimator – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional pressure monitoring solutions.


  • Range – 0 to 3,000 PSI
  • Alarm – text, email, LED light
  • Pressure Accuracy – 0.25% BFSL

Advanced Industrial Gas Bottle Pressure Monitoring System

  • user friendly touchscreen HMI controller visually indicates current pressure / volume of gas in bottles
  • Connect up to 12 pressure transducers or expand far beyond with additional I/O
  • transmit pressure directly to DCS via Modbus TCP and eliminate need for manual operator rounds to check pressure
  • alarm notifications when bottles are running low via text, email, or LED light
  • simplistic design provides an easy to integrate, cost effective solution that helps prevent unnecessary down time or emergency gas delivery fees

How our Pressurized Analyzer Gas Bottle Monitoring Device Works

The Gas Bottle Pressure Monitor includes OEM quality pressure sensors, HMI controller to graphically display the pressure of up to twelve gas bottles, alarm functions, and Modbus connectivity, which allows easy integration with existing operations. As gas is used, the pressure of the gas tanks decreases; operators can set lower limit alarms to ensure gas is ordered in advance, before the bottle runs empty.


Refineries, gas processing facilities, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and other users of industrial gases.

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