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VALVE-SYNC, Universal Valve Tester Control System

VALVE-SYNC, Universal Valve Tester Control System

VALVE-SYNC by Process Solutions Corp. is a highly configurable universal valve tester control system. It addresses the needs of companies looking for flexible software that can be configured to test different types of valves easily. VALVE-SYNC test software, which is built upon API standards, will allow:

    1. a high degree of customization and flexibility in designing test systems
    2. testing of various setups before finalizing on the most appropriate one for your testing needs
    3. viewing the test system as a graphical parametric display with a collection of various controls and indicators
    4. reduction in the lead time to build a test rig, thus reducing overall cost
    5. customized report generation

The Universal Valve Test Suite can be modified to best suit your requirements and the pre-built valve testing software platform enables us to deliver a highly flexible, customized solution faster than ever.


  • configure your software with minimal effort
  • flexibility in test recipe configuration
  • record and print your test results in Excel or any PC format
  • multi-language support
  • report customization and analysis capabilities
  • valve traceability
  • various size of PLC / HMI available in different enclosures
  • track pressure sensor calibration
  • auto population of pressure/test time based on valve size and class
  • wireless data transmission to any PC