Stafford, Texas

PR 3108 Isolated Repeater / Splitter

PR 3108 Isolated Repeater / Splitter

  • Isolation and conversion of current signals
  • Slimline housing of 6 mm
  • Response time <7 ms
  • Splitter function: 1 in – 2 out
  • Simple – no setup needed


  • Isolation and conversion of standard DC signals.
  • Galvanic separation of analog current signals.
  • Elimination of ground loops and measurement of floating signals.
  • A competitive choice in terms of both price and technology for galvanic isolation of current signals to SCADA systems or PLC equipment.
  • Installation in ATEX Ex zone 2 / IECEx Zone 2 / FM division 2.
  • Suitable for environments with high vibration stress, e.g. ships.

Technical characteristics

  • The input is protected against overvoltage and polarity error.
  • Factory-calibrated measurement ranges.
  • Inputs and outputs are floating and galvanically separated.