WaterMaster Electromagnetic Flow meter
State of the art ABB WaterMaster

What is the WaterMaster?

The WaterMaster is an Electromagnetic flow meter or commonly referred to as a ‘magmeters’ in the field. Read our last post to better understand what an electromagnetic flow meter is.  When you are aiming for the highest levels of efficiency and process, reliable and accurate instrumentation is required. The WaterMaster is able to solve even the most demanding water applications enabling previously unattainable operational. It is the ultimate solution for flow measurement in water, wastewater, sewage and effluent.

Setting the standard

The WaterMaster range, available in sizes 10 to 200 mm (3/8 to 84in), is designed specifically for use on the many diverse applications encountered in the Water and Waste-water industry.  The WaterMaster has an operating flow range with ±0.4 % accuracy’s standard (±0.2 % optional) in both forward and reverse flow directions. The sensors have a rugged, robust protection to ensure a long, maintenance free life under the arduous conditions in the Water and Waste industry. The sensors are inherently submersible (IP68, NEMA 6P), thus ensuring suitability for installation in chambers and metering pits which are liable to flooding.  A unique feature of the sensor is that some of the sizes are buriable. The installation process merely involves excavating to the pipe, fitting the sensor, cabling back to the transmitter and then back filling the hole.

What makes it stand out?

The WaterMaster has an innovative, patented octagonal design which improves the flow profile and reduces up- and down stream piping requirements for the most commonly used sizes of 40 to 200mm (1 ½ to 8 in.). It uses a unique, controlled derivative excitation combined with advanced filtering which raises zero stability and in turn, results in higher accuracy measurements. Because of the design the WaterMaster eliminate the need for expensive meter chambers extending its life-span.

The WaterMaster transmitter has a backlit, graphical display is rotated easily up to 180 ° (90 °each way) without any tools, enabling users to position it as best fits their needs. The design allows for ‘through-the-glass’ control.  This allows for quick data entry for all user-specific parameters. ABB’s universal Human Machine Interface (HMI) simplifies operation, maintenance and training; thereby reducing cost of ownership and providing one common user experience. All WaterMaster versions utilize an electronics cartridge. Three variants of the cartridge are available: a standard HART protocol variant plus PROFIBUS and MODBUS variants – all enable online modification and monitoring of parameters.

The user-friendly interface allows fast simple data entry for all parameters. ‘Easy Setup’ guides the operator step-by-step through the menu to set parameters as quickly as possible, thereby simplifying the commissioning phase.


A unique self-calibration concept developed by ABB has been implemented in WaterMaster. Compliance with OIML R49 Type P (Permanent) checking requirements requires that electromagnetic flowmeters have ‘Checking Facilities’, where a simulated signal is fed into the input of the flow transmitter and the output is compared and checked within predetermined limits.

WaterMaster has taken this to the next level and uses this signal to not only check the accuracy but also to perform automatic calibration. This not only meets and exceeds the OIML R49requirements, it also means the instrument has the following features:

  • Self-calibrating instrument
  • Factory calibration no longer necessary
  • Calibration adjustment is continuous during normal running
  • Ultra-stable performance with time
  • Very low temperature coefficient
  • The measurement accuracy depends on one precision resistor only
  • Adjustment % displayed to user for diagnostic use
  • Alarm limits to hardware failures and out-of-range adjustments

Why the WaterMaster should be your top choice for all water industry applications

The WaterMaster is the most stable transmitter in the world. It is designed to act as one solution for all your needs in the Water/Waste Water industry. Its revolutionary data storage enables transmitter interchange and commissioning without the need for reconfiguration. The WaterMaster supports simultaneous and parallel operation of HART, remote HMI, cyclic data output and parameter dump. Its OIML R49 and MID Approved and has OIML R49 permanent self-checking. VeriMaster in situ verification software option allows the customer to perform in situ verification at the flowmeter.

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