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Using FLOWBUS with FlowSuite (Fieldbus Communication Protocol)

Using FLOWBUS with FlowSuite (Fieldbus Communication Protocol)

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FLOW-BUS is a Fieldbus communication protocol designed by Bronkhorst; based on RS485 technology for digital communication between multiple digital devices. This communication protocol offers the possibility of host-control by PC (i.e. FlowSuite, LabVIEW, Python).


FlowSuite is a WindowsOS application for monitoring and service purposes on Bronkhorst digital instruments via a single interface or with multiple windows for multiple devices. FlowSuite offers good insight into the dynamic behavior of Bronkhorst flow meters and controllers.

Advantages of Using FlowSuite:

  • Allows adjustment of controller, alarm, and counter settings
  • Built-in trend chart graph for 4 devices, each device can trend up to 7 inputs
  • Measured data in a comma-separated file (CSV), thus serving as a data logger

Communication is via RS232 using the PC USB port. FlowSuite has a fixed 38400 bps baud rate. FlowSuite polls and scan each device separately and as you add devices to a USB port, the longer the update time for the software. For more information and download please visit: Get Bronkhorst FlowSuite – Microsoft Store or download Bronkhorst FlowSuite from the Microsoft App store.

Using FLOW-BUS Fieldbus Communication Protocol for Process Control

Bronkhorst instruments are equipped with a micro-controller for exchanging parameter value information with other instruments and devices connected to the same FLOW-BUS system and/or via RS232 to a PC. Below are examples of the CEM (Controlled Evaporative and Mixing) System, EL-FLOW Prestige, and mini CORI-FLOW (other examples can be provided, such as the MASS-STREAM, IN-FLOW, pressure controllers, or combination of devices).

  • Bronkhorst devices are connected via FLOW-BUS, RS485 (red cables)
  • PC USB port connects via RS232 to the first device (green cable)
  • FlowSuite displays the PV (Process Variables), controls the SP (Setpoint), along with graphing and data logging up to 4 devices
  • Standard RJ45 Shielded (F)TP patch cable or M12 (DeviceNet) cable supplies the FLOW-BUS signal and 24 Vdc power
  • 1A @ 24Vdc or 24 Watts is the max power for RJ45 Shielded (F)TP patch cable, 4A for the M12 cables

Bronkhorst CEM System with E-8000 24 Vdc Power SupplyBronkhorst Controlled Evaporative Mixer (CEM) Using Fieldbus Communication Protocol - FLOW-BUS

Bronkhorst EL-FLOW Prestige with Customer Supplied 24 Vdc Power SupplyBronkhorst EL-FLOW Prestige Using Fieldbus Communication Protocol - FLOW-BUS

Bronkhorst mini CORI-FLOW with Customer Supplied 24 Vdc Power Supply
Bronkhorst Mini CORI-FLOW Using Fieldbus Communication Protocol - FLOW-BUS

Other Fieldbus Communication Protocol Considerations:

FLOW-BUS and Modbus is a LINE topology serial communication protocol over RS485 Each device must be “daisy chained” one after another with begin and end resistors.

  • Max cable length from Multiport Adapter to Device is 0.5m (20”)
  • LINE Topology
  • Is not like a PoE Ethernet Switch and not to be connect like an Ethernet switch
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