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The Process Solutions Process

The Process Solutions Process

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So you need a piece of equipment.  Something that will fit into your current process and give you the desired results.  And you’ve done your research so you know the exact model number.  Nobody knows your process like you.  So when you call the vendor for a quote or order, why do they want more information about your process?

At Process Solutions Corp., we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time.  And, just like you know your process, we know our vendors.  And they have requirements before an order can be placed.  Their goal, like ours, like yours, is to get your process running properly in the quickest time possible.  So we require data that will help us calibrate, that will help us get the right flow-meter or controller or pressure sensor in your hands.

Replacement Equipment

Are you replacing an existing instrument?  That makes things much simpler!  Give us the existing model number and serial number, and we’ll get your replacement on the way.  Simple!

New Equipment

This is where it gets interesting.  There are so many variables!

  • What’s the operating temperature?
  • What’s the inlet pressure?
  • What’s the outlet pressure?
  • What’s expected flow rate?
  • What’s the density/specific gravity/viscosity of the fluid?
  • Is the fluid corrosive?
  • Is it cryogenic?

These are a few of the questions that must be answered before we can quote and sell some of our equipment.

What happens next?

Once our own process engineers have reviewed the quoted item, we will issue the online quote to you.  The quote may include optional accessories, cables, displays, or other items.  These will be listed as optional items in your quote and not added until you select the item and click “Update”

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