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Non-Clogging Submersible Pressure Transducer For Wastewater Lift Stations

Wastewater lift stations, or pumping stations, are an integral part in the transportation and eventual treatment of wastewater and other used water. Wastewater is commonly transported through piping systems, using gravity to move the water from one location to another. Using gravity helps keep costs down during transportation. However, gravity cannot be used when the wastewater needs to be transported to a higher elevation. This is where lift stations come in. There are three main components of a lift station: Wet well – This is a single tank, located underground, where the wastewater is held until it is ready to

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Accurate Dosing Of Release Agent

Have you ever seen cars with a nice ‘leather look’ dashboard? One of our customers in the automotive industry manufacturers these ‘skins’ that look like leather. These ‘skins’ are produced by spraying liquid – colored polyurethane – into moulds. To allow an easy skin release from the mould, a release agent must be applied onto the mould surface. The amount of release agent is essential in this respect and must be perfectly dosed as it determines the quality and look & feel of the product. The ‘skin’ will remain adhered to the mould when too little agent is applied, whereas

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Using a Thermal Level Switch for Interface (Level) Detection

Instrument malfunctions are a common problem across a wide array of industries. For a segment of our clients, the combination of the process media and plant condition tends to cause instrument malfunctions that require maintenance. For a level switch to perform well it must avoid failure that can be caused by: Corrosion and/or “sludging” damage to the sensor caused by the soapy emulsion. High temperature Water contamination (Feedwater and cooling water often contains high mineral content, sediment, etc.) Electromagnetic interference Difficult access points limit monitoring and daily maintenance The Solution: Thermal Level Switch The Kayden Classic 800 Series Thermal Level

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Logic Control System

Groundwater Remediation Systems

Groundwater Remediation Water remediation is the process of cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring materials where the water damage has occurred. Water damage that is not treated can become hazardous. Mold growth, bacteria, and viruses can occur. Groundwater is water that sits below the ground and saturates the pore space in the subsurface. Around 40% of the world’s drinking water is drawn from groundwater in boreholes and dug wells. This groundwater provides farmers with the water needed to irrigate their crops. Companies use it to manufacture their products. Groundwater contamination can occur from spills during industrial operations, leaking from landfills, and applications

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PiloTREK Level Transmitter

Lift Station Measurement With The PiloTREK

A wastewater lift station can be a very essential part of wastewater treatment. A lift station is essentially a pumping station that moves wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. A big benefit of using a lift station is the amount of money saved from not having to dig for sewer pipes Our partners at Nivelco had a customer in West Texas that needed continuous measurement of the level in their 30 ft deep wells containing stormwater and trash (during heavy rains, especially in the winter months, large volumes of trash wind up in the lift station inlet

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Image of Dehn red lion product line

Surge Protection Systems

Surge Protection and an underestimated risk This system consists of external lightning protection and internal surge protection. This The purpose of an external lightning protection system Use of an air-termination system to intercept direct lightning strikes Down-conductor system used to safely discharge a lightning current Earth-termination system distributes the lightning current in the ground Elements of surge protection systems Separation distances Earth-termination system Down conductor Lightning equipotential bonding (interconnecting all isolated conducting parts of the installation by means of surge protective devices) Air-termination systems Red/line power supply systems DEHN’s Red/Line® provides surge protective devices for installation into switchgear installations, meter

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An application note about using our Kayden switch for pump monitoring and protection

What is needed in this situation? A rugged and reliable means for pump protection and monitoring. The pump (motor) when the inlet is dry / empty. Then automatically re-start the pump when the flow of the process material is restored. There is also a need for an alarm when blockages occur in the pipeline. Another need is to react to changes in the flow rate & temperature if desired. What is the problem? It is difficult to find one device that can be configured for a wide variety of flow conditions and will not require frequent maintenance To perform well

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Overflow Protection Made Easy

Application Note Reliable and repeatable level control is critical in order to prevent contamination of the process upstream or downstream. The acid must not be allowed to flow into the process except when required as a chemical additive. What is the customers problem? Prior to the Kayden switch, the customer tried a competitors thermal switch and a gap switch in this application. Kayden was chosen and has succeeded where the other instruments failed: The Kayden CLASSIC 800 Series allows the customer to independently and incrementally adjust the level of heat, the range, and the (relay) set points to achieve high

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Intrinsically Safe Industrial Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

Core Sensors: Now offering hazardous location pressure transducers

Hazardous Location Pressure Transducers Hazardous location pressure transducers are used in areas that require third party certifications to ensure that the sensor can operate safely. Core Sensors offers non-incendive and intrinsically safe pressure transducers certified by CSA. ANSI/UL 122701 Single Seal is available on select sensors for Canadian installations. These pressure transducers are ideal for applications including tank level (both submersible and external), oilfield installations, process plants and CNG stations. Various materials, fittings, and output signals are available with competitive lead times and prices. Contact us today for more information!

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