Mass Flow

Why Mass Flow reference conditions matter

You would think that measurements of mass flow would be expressed in units of mass, such as grams/hour, milligrams/second etc. Most users, however, think and work in units of volume. That’s OK, at least when we are talking about the same reference conditions. Let me start with an example: Mass versus Volume Imagine you have a cylinder of 1 liter, which is closed by means of a moveable piston of negligible weight. This cylinder contains 1 liter of air at ambient pressure, approximately 1 bar. The weight of this volume of air at 0°C is 1.293 g, this is the

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Clarity; Filters for Mass Flow Meters

One of my favorite phrases is “buy cheap, buy twice”. This is never more apparent than when purchasing new flow meters or looking at ways to protect existing ones if necessary. There are various accessories that you can add-on flow meters. With mass flow meters and controllers, the accessory of choice often is a communication cable, these are essential in allowing you to communicate with an instrument and see/access the very information that you purchased the instrument to make available. However, one accessory is often over-looked and can be far more essential to the long-term performance and life-time cost of

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Use of Mass Flow Meters in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is the biggest industry in the world. Some quick facts: Approximately 99 million motor vehicles are produced per year (source: European Automobile Manufacturers Association) The worlds largest car-producing countries are China, Japan, Germany, India and South Korea (2017) There is a large discrepancy in the average annual distance traveled by car between countries. In the US, this figure is around 21,500 km/year. In Europe, the average is 12000 km/year (source: Odyssee) On average, a car has 30,000 parts (Source: Netstar) A lot of people commute to work and travel on the holidays by car. I do as

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