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Flow Meters

Why Flow Control Is important In Catalyst Research

Catalyst Research In this article, I want to discuss one of our most common applications; Catalyst Research. Many of our customers are using catalysts to quicken a chemical reaction. One of the core benefits of using a catalyst is their efficiency. A small amount of catalyst is able to recover a large amount of reaction products What Are Catalysts? We know what Solid catalysts do, but what are they? They are small, highly porous media. These pore systems are formed by many irregularly shaped and interconnected pores inside the particles. This pore system leads to a large internal surface area

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Controlled Evaporator Mixer

What is a Controlled Evaporation Mixer (CEM)?

Liquid Delivery System with a Controlled Evaporation Mixer We have many customers that have applications where two components must be mixed. Traditionally, bubbler systems or Vapor Source Controllers have been used when dealing with vapor. These devices have their shortcomings, for example they have been proven to not be able to handle large quantities of liquid with a low vapor pressure. Furthermore, they can’t provide vapor from a mixture of liquids with different vapor pressures. Our partners at Bronkhorst have worked hard to develop a system that has Mass Flow Control of Vapors. This system is our Controlled Evaporation Mixer

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