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XLe / XLEe Series HMI Controller, 2.2" Display

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XLe / XLEe Series HMI Controller, 2.2" Display


All XLe / XLEe Series HMI controllers feature a built-in logic engine, operator interface, and networking. XLEe models have Ethernet connectivity built-in.

Extensive Control and HMI Features
The XLEe utilizes a sunlight readable backlit screen (good for dark and sunlight), physical keys for buttons, and a strong graphical user interface (GUI) to integrate the HMI into the control system.

  • Datalogging: massive data storage for later analysis or recall
  • Scheduling: easily enable period and time-based measurements/events; includes standard real time clock
  • Floating point and advanced math: comprehensive functions easily performs complex mathematical processing
  • Multi language support: easily integrate into diverse markets through one product: custom fonts for different languages, symbols, or sizes


  • 128×64 graphical display
  • 20-key keypad with function key and numeric entry capability
  • Logic engine features 256KB of application memory with a 0.7mS/K logic scan.
  • (2) RS-232/485 ports support RTU/Modbus Master/Slave, ASCII In/Out, and PLC/Drive downloadable protocols
  • Integrated CsCAN port
  • Removable Mass Storage device
  • CANopen Master/Slave Support
  • Built-in Ethernet (XLEe Models only)


Building Automation
Material Handling
Oil and Gas
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase overall productivity
  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Economical operation systems
  • Minimize HMI inefficiencies
  • Track/log/catalog data
  • Maximize capacity utilization
  • Maintain emission standards
Renewable Energy
Water and Wastewater
  • Data logging, remote access
  • Sunlight and UV protection
  • Station pump control
  • Remote water well controls
  • Production management and control
  • Datalogging

Compact Physical Design

The small, dense design of the XLe Series enables you to fit more in your panel, saving space and resources. For an introductory XL Series product, the XLe Series packs big solutions into an overall small package, utilizing a standard quarter DIN (92x92mm) cutout.

Flexible Input / Output (I/O) Configuration

The XLe Series is engineered with six unique built-in I/O configurations (five optional models and one without I/O), all of which include high speed counting capabilities. If the built-in I/O of the XLe Series isn’t enough for your specific application, you can easily expand via CAN or Ethernet serial. With billions of external I/O combinations through several additional networking media, the wide scope of digital and analog I/O make automating your applications, and your organization, as simple as the push of a button.

Comprehensive Connectivity

The level and scope of connectivity within the XLe Series is unprecedented. Compatible with Ethernet (standard on XLEe models), CAN, USB, RS232, RS485, the XLe Series makes communicating to other systems seamless and easy. The XLe Series employs an array of physical connections, as well as a host of protocols enabling communication in a multitude of languages: allowing the unit to communicate with various equipment within different industrial manufactured components.

XLe Series HMI Controller Model Line-Up

no built in I/O
12 DC In, 6 Relay Out, 4 Analog In, (mA/V)
12 DC In, 12 DC Out, 2 Analog In, (mA/V)
24 DC In, 16 DC Out, 2 Analog In (mA/V)
12 DC In, 12 DC Out, 2 Analog In (mA/V/Tc/mV/RTD), 2 Analog Out
12 DC In, 12 DC Out, 6 Analog In (mA/V/Tc/mV/RTD), 4 Analog Out

XLEe with Built-in Ethernet HMI Controller Model Line-Up

No built-in I/O
12 DC in, 6 Relay Out, 4 – 12-bit Analog In
12 DC in, 12 DC Out, 2 – 12-bit Analog In
24 DC in, 16 DC Out, 2 – 12-bit Analog In
12 DC in, 12 DC Out, 2 – 14/16-bit Analog In (mA/V/Tc/mV/RTD), 2 – 12-bit Analog Out
12 DC in, 12 DC Out, 6 – 14/17-bit Analog In (mA/V/Tc/mV/RTD), 4 – 12-bit Analog Out