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XL+ HMI Controller, 15″ Touch Screen

XL+ HMI Controller, 15″ Touch Screen


The 15″ XL+ OCS is a high-performance all-in-one controller. This unit features an advanced integrated operator interface with a powerful control engine; featuring multiple USB & serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports and 2 CAN ports. All units feature a Video Output port, allowing a Responder (Slave) monitor to mirror the content of the main screen. Supports all available Horner Remote I/O systems. NEMA 4X rated.

Industry-leading Control
The high-speed dual core CPU of the XL15+ delivers the ultimate control performance. The controller can be programmed with advanced ladder or IEC (ST, LD, FBD, IL, SFC). The integrated screen development of the XL15+ allows creation of quick, attractive graphics.


  • Dual Core CPU for ultra fast control and advanced graphics
  • 15” XGA color touchscreen 500 cd/m2 with enhanced optics
  • external display support – display your process on a 1080p TV or monitor
  • one, singular software package for everything – easy integration between screens and control
  • dual 10/100/1000 (Auto-MDIX) Ethernet for Modbus TCP C/S, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Ethernet IP
  • USB 2.0 Ports for programming, video, FLASH drive support, and future enhancements
  • 128GB microSD slot for app updates and virtually unlimited data logging
  • built-in digital and analog I/O with quad 500kHz high-speed counters

Applications for this HMI Controller

  • custom OEM products
  • power management & back-up generation
  • semiconductor applications
  • packaging machinery
  • water treatment
  • compressor control
  • pump control
  • food processing
  • motion control
  • distributed conveyor control
  • HVAC and environmental control
  • mobile machinery
  • automotive parts manufacturing

Bigger Just Got Better, and Then Some

The XL15+ HMI Controller is raising industry standards through an impressive screen, revolutionary speed, unlimited control, and unprecedented I/O, and connectivity.

Comprehensive Connectivity

In the realm of connectivity, no other controller can match the offerings of the XL15+. With three serial ports, dual Ethernet, dual CAN, four USB, mini Display Port (HDMI), mic and audio connectors, the possibilities are limitless. The functionality of the dual Ethernet allows for local and internet connectivity for ultimate security. Protocols include email, FTP, Modbus, WebMI, and dozens of others.

HMI Controller with Extensive Input / Output and Communications

In addition to exceptional display performance, the XL15+ contains a powerful logic engine with built-in digital and analog I/O and online programming capability. The flexibility of the high-speed counter and almost limitless remote I/O options ensure the integrated setup of the XL15+ is compatible with your requirements.

Enhanced Multimedia

The display benefits end-users by providing high visibility and allowing the XL15+ to be used in a variety of ambient lighting conditions. The XL15+ leads the industry through its high-resolution screen with enhanced optics; video playback (great for instructions); video through USB (ideal for monitoring); audio recording and playback (used for notes, instructions, or alerts); external display; dynamic objects (trends, gauges, note pads); and years of planned enhancements.