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X4 Micro OCS Series Embedded I/O Controller, 4.3" Touch Screen

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X4 Micro OCS Series Embedded I/O Controller, 4.3" Touch Screen

The X4 is the third product of the streamlined Micro OCS Series of embedded I/O controllers. All units feature a built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking, and I/O.

Comprehensive Input / Output Configuration
In an effort to make implementing Horner OCS controllers as seamless and user-friendly as possible, we have selected a streamlined set of on-board I/O. The wide scope of digital and analog input / output make automating your applications, and your organization, as simple as the push of a (virtual) button. If the built-in I/O of the X4 isn’t enough for your specific application, you can easily expand via Ethernet, CAN, or serial.


With fully integrated hardware and software, the X4 Micro OCS Series offers easy programming, installation, development and set-up. These controllers have a small footprint and can easily retrofit into an existing system with little effort. None of our Micro OCS products are limited to their on-board I/O. Many variations of distributed remote I/O, including SmartBlock, SmartStix, and SmartMod can be connected via CsCAN, Ethernet, or Modbus. RTU/Modbus based SmartMod I/O is also a cost-effective means of adding a small amount of analog I/O.


Building Automation
Material Handling
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase overall productivity
  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Economical operation systems
  • Minimize HMI inefficiencies
  • Track/log/catalog data
Renewable Energy
Water and Wastewater
Oil and Gas
  • Data logging, remote access
  • Sunlight and UV protection
  • Station pump control
  • Remote water well controls
  • Maximize capacity utilization
  • Maintain emission standards

A Powerful Intro to a Complete Line of Industrial Control Solutions

Utilizing comprehensive, built-in I/O, and high-resolution color graphics to empower organizations across a multitude of industries.

Minimal Physical Design

The small, sleek profile of the X4 enables you to fit more in your panel, saving space and resources. The X4 packs a big picture into an overall small package. With just a 4.6” x 3.5” cutout, this 4.3” wide aspect screen is very friendly, intuitive, and clear.


In the market of fixed I/O, web-compatible controllers, the X4 is unmatched. Suited for most applications across a diverse range of industries, the X4 exceeds standards (and expectations). With powerful processor speeds, an intuitive user interface, and rugged durability, the suite of capabilities within the X4 are similar to our more established XL line of products.

Competitive Advantage

With the addition of the X4 OCS controller, our engineers at Horner Automation have designed a slim, versatile, and complimentary product to our existing line of robust industrial solutions. The X4, when utilized as an introductory piece, empowers your organization to grow by seamlessly incorporating additional Horner solutions (such as our more basic X2 or premium X5 OCS controllers) to your expanding system.

X4 Micro OCS Series HMI Controller Model Line-Up

12 DC In, 12 DC Out, 4 Analog In (mA/RTD), 2 Analog Out (mA)
12 DC In, 2 DC Out, 6 Relay Out, 4 Analog In (mA/RTD), 2 Analog Out (mA)