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Implementing, accessing, and managing remote applications has never been easier, faster, and safer than through WebMI – the first release in the new webOCS product line. Published directly from the OCS controller, WebMI empowers users to control everything onscreen from a computer, tablet, or other mobile device.


With Horner WebMI, you can monitor and control plant data from the palm of your hand. Published directly from the OCS Controller, WebMI allows the same or unique Web pages to be monitored and controlled from your computer, tablet or other mobile device. Developed completely within Horner Cscape environment, WebMI allows for state-of-the- art HTML5 development without the need for web programming skills. The licensing and registration process is quick and simple while the benefits and affordability of WebMI will truly change your world.

Cscape Configurability:
You don’t have to be a professional web developer to benefit from the remote-accessing capabilities for WebMI. With WebMI, we’ve made accessing your Horner OCS controller as smooth and simple as possible, by putting the WebMI configuration right within our standard programming software (Cscape). Now Cscape allows you to create, monitor and control your OCS application remotely without any manual HTML development.

Horner controllers help make your operation run. And by adding Horner WebMI remote monitoring and control functionality, Horner controllers will continue to keep you running; even if you are not directly in front of the controller. And to do that seamlessly, Horner has incorporated high level security algorithms like: 128 bit SSL encryption, Industry Standard Hash Security Technology as well as the ability to work within your existing IT structure, ensuring continued uptime at all times.

Level-Based, Object Security:
Within Cscape you can assign a level of access to specific users and configure their associated passwords. Not only can you manage who accesses certain screens, you can govern who has the ability to control the screens which they are allowed to access. From graphic objects to application commands – you control who can do what, all with, and through, WebMI.

IOT – Internet of Things:
Contributing to the global trend known as the Internet of Things (or IoT), Horner WebMI instantly connects you to your automated applications. With WebMI, you have the ability to remotely monitor and control easier and faster than ever before, all through your phone, computer, or tablet – providing you with the necessary insights to grow and improve your business.

Quickly and instantly delivering almost everything you want to accomplish with your application online to your web browser, HTML5 allows communications across all of your devices. Browser independence assures that your Horner OCS screen looks the same on your phone tablet, or computer as it does on the actual unit, giving you confidence that the control is in your hands.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG):
Minimizing pixelization and blur, scalable vector graphics are exactly what the name implies – images or pieces of artwork that proportionally change to any specified size. You can scale them to any proportion without losing quality. This means that when you design your Horner OCS screens, they will look just sharp, clear, and professional regardless of the device you use, no matter what size.

Licensing Capabilities:
Whether you’re looking to utilize one connected device or 50, Horner WebMI licenses come in manageable packages that will work within the scope of most applications and organizations. Unable to access the internet while licensing a specific unit? Horner WebMI licensing technology allows for off-line licensing. And it is quick, easy and secure.