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Transmitters for Wireless Pressure Monitoring

Transmitters for Wireless Pressure Monitoring

These wireless pressure transmitters are ideal for remote or obscured locations. They can be applied to current pressure sensors or be included in part of a full pressure monitoring package. These transmitters can be wired into existing power sources or utilize solar panels with battery back-up, making them great for use in the field. With the use of a repeater, their signals can transmit up to 7 miles and can seamlessly integrate into your DCS, SCADA, PLC, or anywhere through the cloud.

  • ideal for remote or congested areas
  • optional embedded temperature monitoring
  • data logging and integration to the cloud, DCS, SCADA, PLC, etc.


  • self-contained and self-powered wireless pressure monitoring transmitters
  • signal transmission up to 7 miles with repeaters
  • optional embedded RTD
  • data logging and integration to the cloud, DCS, SCADA, PLC, etc.
  • solar powered options with battery back-up

We can employ any number of methods with these unique devices for monitoring pressure data and transmitting it wirelessly to a DCS or SCADA site in the plant, to multiple offsite facilities, or around the globe. In plant areas where AC power is limited or unavailable, an Industrial IoT Technology Innovations, Inc. (IIoTTTI) communication system assures economical acquisition and timely availability of vital physical property data. Even while working in some of the most demanding and totally congested locations and environments, the performance, reliability, and service life of IIoTTTI equipment is unequaled. For wireless pressure monitoring, IIoTTTI models 1020 and 1060 transmitters are a great choice.

Wireless Pressure Monitoring – IIoT-1020

The IIoTTTI single point pressure device is packaged in a single self-contained, self-powered unit. The patented IIoT-1020 series is available with various operating ranges required for specific customer applications. Examples of stock ranges include:

  • 0-25psi (0-1.7bar)
  • 0-50psi (0-3.4bar)
  • 0-100psi (0-6.9bar)
  • 0-250psi (0-17.2bar)
  • 0-500psi (0-34.5bar)
  • 0-1000psi (0-69.0bar)
  • other ranges (including vacuum) available on request

Pressure Transmitter with Imbedded Temperature Element: Model IIoT-1060

The IIoT-1060 model also employs an imbedded temperature element (RTD) for temperatures up to 185°F (85°C). Each device has a self-transmitting range of 3/4 mile or 1.2 km. For longer transmission distance requirements, the use of the IIoT-5000 series Intelligent Repeaters increases the effective communication range to 7 miles or 11.3 km. For off-site transmission of critical data, use of IIoTTTI’s SolutioNet 4.0 system can be included for ultimate integrated data connectivity.

Advanced Wireless Data Transmission via Frequency Hopping


Frequency hopping provides redundancy to reduce risk of losing a signal to interference or reception because its unique spread spectrum data transmission technique. This minimizes the effects of walls, structures, and terrain of the signal, which means these transmitters work well even in obscured areas. It also allows data to be secure on both the sending and receiving ends of the process.

These “Data Packets” are transmitted via a “Transmit Only” device in a binary format and the packet is then received and processed into our “Receive Only” Device that is integrated in our Serial Data Processing Unit. After, the data is deciphered into something that is meaningful that correlates to our data base, which is preconfigured at the factory with the field instruments.

Common Uses of Wireless Pressure Monitoring

Typical applications for IIoTTTI pressure monitoring devices include pipelines, pump suction and discharge, vessels, reactors, stack and tanks, etc. Connection to process systems via 1/2 inch MNPT. Optional isolation devices are available for high temperature or high pressure applications.