SmartStack Metal

SmartStack Metal

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Product Overview

Classic modular stack-on modules for our OCS, RCS, RX, NX and QX series controllers. Allow for flexible on-board I/O options.


Expandable, Stackable I/O System for OCS

Unlike conventional PLC I/O, SmartStack™I/O is not a rack-based design. SmartStackI/O modules are snapped onto the Operator Control Station (OCS) or an off-mounted base, and then stacked onto each other. They utilize a very small amount of panel space for the number of I/O provided. SmartStack modules are encased in metal or plastic housings and meet stringent noise, vibration, and shock standards. A maximum of 4 modules can be stacked directly onto many OCS, and another 20 modules can be added by using the fiber optic FOX I/O System. Several OCS models can have 20 or more SmartStack modules using the FOX I/O System. There are over 50 SmartStack I/O modules available. They include a variety of mixedI/O modules offering a combination of inputs and outputs, digital and analog, and specialty modules: High-Speed Counter (1 MHz), Stepper Indexer, ASCII BASIC, and AC Power Monitoring modules. You can select from a full complement of temperature input modules (Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor), and SmartStack communication options include Ethernet TCP/IP, DeviceNet™Master and Slave, PROFIBUS™Master and Slave and CANopen Master. Custom I/O configurations and modules are available at an added cost.

Many Ways to Expand

You have several ways to expand the number of SmartStack modules. Connecting a mini RCS via the CsCAN™port adds one more SmartStack module; networking an RCS (Remote Control Station) controller allows you to add up to 4 moreSmartStack modules. If you use a FOX100 I/O Fiber Optic Expansion Module and the FOX I/O System, you can have up to23 SmartStack modules (3 modules and the FOX100 mounted on the OCS plus 20 modules with the FOX I/O System).