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SmartRail Modules I/O Expansion for HMI Controllers

SmartRail Modules I/O Expansion for HMI Controllers


SmartRail I/O expands the input / output capacity of OCS All-in-One controllers. SmartRail uses fieldbus technology and can be installed locally or thousands of meters away. Highly expandable and scalable with several communication base options, SmartRail modular I/O allows for granular digital and analog input / output configurations to suit any specification without wasted space or hardware cost. Multiple SmartRail I/O Bases can be used – limited only by the performance requirements of the application. SmartRail Ethernet I/O is compatible with any OCS controller with built-in Ethernet.

Highly Expandable Remote & Expansion I/O for OCS
SmartRail I/O Expands the input / output capacity of OCS All-In-One Controllers. SmartRail uses Fieldbus technology, and can be installed locally or hundreds of meters away.



  • Flexible Fieldbus selection
    – CsCAN
    – Ethernet
    – CANopen
    – Profibus
  • Local expansion I/O or remote input / output up to 500m away
  • Expand to 8 modules per base, & 16 bases per network
  • Screw-type terminals, standard spring-clamp style optional


  • Custom OEM products
  • Power management & back-up generation
  • Semiconductor applications
  • Packaging machinery
  • Water treatment
  • Compressor control
  • Pump control
  • Food processing
  • Motion control
  • Distributed conveyor control
  • HVAC and Environmental control
  • Mobile machinery
  • Automotive parts manufacturing

SmartRail is Modular, Flexible & Compact

SmartRail I/O is a modular input / output system for OCS offering a choice of Fieldbus networks (CsCAN, Ethernet, CANopen and Profibus). It is a flexible input / output system that can be applied as a local expansion I/O or remote I/O distributed over hundreds of meters. SmartRail is a compact I/O system – supporting 128 input / output points in a footprint of onlyc 3.5H x 8.75W (in.)

SmartRail is Easy to Configure

SmartRail gives you the benefit of Fieldbus I/O with much less complex configuration. SmartRail I/O is easily configured using Cscape programming software. Just select your I/O base – and then start adding I/O modules. Cscape even calculates I/O power usage for you automatically – so you’ll never overload an I/O base.

SmartRail I/O Series Remote Input / Output Expansion for HMI Controllers Model Line-Up

SmartRail Modules

NOTE: A SmartRail Base is required for SmartRail Modules

DIM510 (8) 24VDC
DIM610 (16) 24VDC
DIM610-03 (16) 12VDC
DIM710 (32) 24VDC
DIQ512 (8) Relay (8) 24VDC
DQM506 (8) 12/24VDC
DQM606 (16) 12/24VDC
DQM706 (32) 12/24VDC
DQM502 (8) 125 or
250VAC Relay
DQM602 (16) 125 or
250VAC Relay
DAC101 (4) 0-10V
DAC106 (4) 0-20mA, 4-20mA
MIX116 (2) 4-20mA, 0-20mA,
0-5V, 0-10V
(2) 4-20mA, 0-20mA,
0-5V, 0-10V
ADC170 (4) 0-10V,
4-20mA, 0-20mA
RTD100 (2) .1˚C RTD PT100
THM100 (2) .1˚C
Thermocouple (J,K,T,R)