SmartRail - Bases

SmartRail - Bases

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Product Overview

SmartRail I/O expands the I/O capacity of OCS All-in-One controllers. SmartRail uses Fieldbus technology and can be installed locally or thousands of meters away


SmartRail is Modular, Flexible & Compact

SmartRail I/O is a modular I/O system for OCS offering a choice of Fieldbus networks (CsCAN, Ethernet, CANopen, and Profibus). It is a flexible I/O system that can be applied as a local expansion I/O or remote I/O distributed over hundreds of meters. SmartRail is also a compact I/O system – supporting 128 I/O points in a footprint of only 90H x 215W (mm) or 3.5H x 8.75W (in.)

SmartRail is Easy to Configure

SmartRail gives you the benefit of Fieldbus I/O with a much less complex configuration. SmartRail I/O is easily configured using Cscape programming software. Just select your I/O base – and then start adding I/O modules. Cscape even calculates I/O power usage for you automatically – so you’ll never overload an I/O base.