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CUB5 Series Panel Meter

CUB5 Series Panel Meter

Red Lion’s CUB®5 is the ultimate in panel meter flexibility, from its complete user programming to the optional setpoint control and communication capability. The meter can also be programmed as a single or dual setpoint control. With its size and capabilities, the CUB5 series is one of the most powerful meters on the market.


The CUB5 series features a five or eight digit reflective LCD display or a red/ green display with backlight. The intensity of the display can be adjusted from dark room applications to bright light applications. This easy to read display offers 12 mm character height, and offers NEMA 4X/IP65 protection.

The CUB5 provides a wide variety of inputs for industrial applications. CUB5 models cover both digital and analog signals including count, voltage, current, time, process, rate and temperature inputs.

Option Cards:
The capability of the CUB5 can be easily expanded with the addition of up to two option cards. Setpoint capability is field installable with the addition of the single setpoint relay output card or the dual setpoint solid state output card. Communication option cards include RS-232, RS-485, and USB.

Power input is from a 9 to 28 VDC power source.