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PR 5202A Pulse Isolator

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PR 5202A Pulse Isolator

  • 2 channels – 2 or 4 outputs
  • Dual output
  • 5-port 3.75 kVAC galvanic isolation
  • Cable error detection
  • Universal supply by AC or DC


  • Pulse isolator for the supply of NAMUR sensors.
  • Pulse isolator for the detection of mechanical contacts.
  • One input signal can be used on two separate outputs.
  • A cable error alarm can be detected on a separate output.

Technical characteristics

  • PR5202A1 and 5202A2 have relays with change-over contacts or open NPN collectors.
  • PR5202A4 has 4 SPST relays, which are activated simultaneously two and two. Each relay can be programmed to the function N.O. or N.C.
  • Inputs, outputs, and supply are floating and galvanically separated.
  • 5202 is designed according to strict safety requirements and is therefore suitable for application in SIL 2 installations.

Mounting / installation

  • Mounted vertically or horizontally on a DIN rail. Up to 84 channels per meter can be mounted.