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PR 4511 Communication Enabler

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PR 4511 Communication Enabler

  • Programming display for system 4000 and 9000 devices
  • Modbus RTU protocol interface over RS-485
  • Monitor process value from the built-in display
  • High 2.5 kV isolation to host unit
  • Shielded RJ45 connector on top


  • 4511 has full 4501 functionality for unit programming, process signal monitoring, and diagnostics handling
  • Modbus RTU protocol is supported using a serial RS-485 communication wiring
  • Multidrop half-duplex connection via shielded RJ45 connector
  • High safe galvanic isolation of 2.5 kVAC between the serial wiring and the connected system 4000/9000 units
  • Modbus parameters such as address, baud rate, stop bit(s), and parity bit are configured from the 4511 display, which also stores parameters


  • The 4511 detachable display adds Modbus RTU RS-485 serial communications to all current and future 4000/9000 units
  • The unit converts a wide array of sensors and analog device signals measured by the system 4000 like uni- and bipolar mA and voltage signals, potentiometer, Lin. R, RTD, and TC, to a Modbus communication line signal
  • When mounted on a system 9000 device any signal coming from or going to I.S. classified area, like AI, AO, DI, and DO signals, can be converted to a Modbus network
  • All individual unit operating parameters can easily and quickly be configured by using the Modbus communication or by using the front display menu
  • The easily readable 4511 display can be used to read the process signal, simulate the output signal, indicate sensor errors and internal device errors

Mounting, Installation, and Programming

  • Mounting in Zone 2 / Div 2
  • The 4511 can be moved from one device to another
  • The individual system 4000/9000 unit configuration of the first device can be saved and downloaded to subsequent devices
  • Programmed parameters can be protected by a user-defined password
  • When mounted on devices that are installed upside down, a menu item allows the display on the 4511 to be rotated 180o and the up/down buttons to switch function