Stafford, Texas

PR 4510 Display / Programming Front

PR 4510 Display / Programming Front

  • Programming display for all past and present 4000 / 9000 series devices, 3000 series devices where applicable, and all versions of ConfigMate 4590
  • Monitor process value and status from the built-in display
  • Scrolling help text in 7 languages


  • PR 4510 communications interface for programming and modification of operational parameters
  • Easily readable 4510 display can be used to monitor the process signal, simulate the output signal, indicate sensor errors and internal device errors
  • The 4510 can be moved from one device to another
  • Individual system 3000 / 4000 / 9000 device configuration of a transmitter can be saved and downloaded to subsequent transmitters

4510 Communication Interface for PR Electronics Signal Conditioning Instrumentation

  • Easy-to-read dot matrix LCD display
  • Backup memory for loading and saving of device configuration
  • Programming access can be blocked by assigning a password
  • Password is saved in the device in order to ensure a high degree of protection against unauthorized modifications to the configuration

PR 4510 Communication Interface

  • Mounting in Zone 2 / Div 2
  • All configuration data from a PR 3000 / 4000 / 9000 device can be transferred to a PC using the PR 4590
  • When mounted on devices that are installed upside down, a menu item allows the display on the 4510 to be rotated 180° and the up/down buttons to switch function
  • The PR 4510 is approved and certified as an add-on component for the PR 3000, 4000 and 9000 series of devices
  • All technical characteristics are valid with the PR 4510 attached