Stafford, Texas

PR 4114 Universal Transmitter

PR 4114 Universal Transmitter

  • Input for RTD, TC, Ohm, potentiometer, mA, and V
  • 2-wire supply > 16 V
  • FM-approved for installation in Div. 2
  • Output for current and voltage
  • Universal AC or DC supply


  • Programmable by way of detachable display front (4501), process calibration, signal simulation, password protection, error diagnostics and help text available in several languages.


  • Linearized, electronic temperature measurement with RTD or TC sensor.
  • Conversion of linear resistance variation to a standard analog current/voltage signal, i.e. from solenoids and butterfly valves or linear movements with attached potentiometer.
  • Power supply and signal isolator for 2-wire transmitters.
  • Process control with standard analog output.
  • Galvanic separation of analog signals and measurement of floating signals.
  • The 4114 is designed according to strict safety requirements and is therefore suitable for application in SIL 2 installations.

Technical characteristics

  • When 4114 is used with the 4501 display/programming front, all operational parameters can be modified to suit any application.
  • As the 4114 is designed with electronic hardware switches, it is not necessary to open the device for the setting of DIP-switches.
  • A green/red front LED indicates normal operation and malfunction.
  • Continuous check of vital stored data for safety reasons.
  • 3-port 2.3 kVAC galvanic isolation.
  • Suitable for the use in systems up to Performance Level “d” according to ISO-13849.