Stafford, Texas

PR 2204 Isolation Amplifier

PR 2204 Isolation Amplifier

  • Input galvanically separated from output and supply
  • Current or voltage input
  • Signal conversion
  • Current and voltage output
  • 24 VDC supply or universally supplied
  • Applicable in PELV/SELV circuits


  • factory-calibrated measurement ranges for input and outputs in the 2204 can be selected by the internal DIP-switches without the need for recalibration.


  • Signal isolator for analog current / voltage signals
  • 1: 1 or signal conversion of analog current / voltage signals within the ranges: 0…10 VDC or 0…50 mA on the input and0…20 mA and 0…10 VDC in fixed ranges on the output.
  • Analog signal conditioning with microprocessor-based gain and zero offset giving a response time of less than 25 ms.

Technical characteristics

  • Universally supplied units have a 3-port galvanic separation between input, supply, and output.
  • Mounting for a standard 11-pole socket which can be adapted for DIN rail or plate use with PR’s 7023 adaptor and 7024mounting keying.