P-520 Series

P-520 Series

Product Overview

The NewTek P Series AC LVDTs are specially designed for Extreme High-Pressure applications demanding the highest levels of reliability while performing in the rugged environments required for deep sub-sea applications. These transducers are constructed of special High-Pressure materials, allowing operation at pressure up to 20,000 psi. The P Series High-Pressure and Seawater Resistant LVDT Position Sensors offer extraordinary performance, regardless of offsets due to pressure and/or temperature. These P Series are available ± 0.900 inch (±22.86 mm) and offer high sensitivity, high resolution and excellent linearity.



  • 20,000 PSI operating pressure
  • 400° F operating temperature
  • 0.52-inch diameter stainless steel housing
  • Ratiometric output for reduced thermal sensitivity
  • Standard and custom models available


  • Deep Subsea Applications
  • Hydraulic Actuators
  • Extreme High-Pressure Applications
  • Pressure Test Vessels