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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

A programmed solution that is fast and easy to implement. No programming development on the user end, just a simple initialization setup on the HMI and you can start monitoring data.
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Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring Solutions
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software provides remote, visual access to work cells being data-logged by Horner OEE software in addition to providing management with plant-level visibility.

Management can view custom reporting screens and data in addition to the screens that operators use each day. The production information in management access view can be organized by month, week, day, or shift, etc.


Tools for management to remotely view plant-level visibility of all of the work cells that are being monitored for OEE and to access the data that is being data-logged.

Management can view different screens and data than the operators are using daily. Management can view shift, day, week, and even monthly production information.

What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?


Advantages of Using OEE Monitoring Software


Industries that Can Benefit from OEE


Pre-Programmed OEE Solution with Quick and Simple Set Up

Smart OEE on Every Process – Reports

Log production data that is immediately available to every user on your network
  • Instantly generate data to use for reports for a process, area, plant, division or your entire enterprise
  • Collect OEE data and alarms, downtime reason codes and operator calls
  • Data to create custom dashboards and reports, and export files exactly how you want them

Improvement at Every Level – Results

Single source of data – detailed, accurate, timely and precise
  • Operators – Meet production targets by improving focus and quicker reaction to down events
  • Supervisors – Set shift targets using data to analyze and be proactive
  • Leadership – Launch projects, set goals and compare investments with results

Plant Wide Data Collection can be displayed on a large screen and on a monitor


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