Nivelco Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

The 4-wire EasyTREK and EchoTREK compact ultrasonic level transmitters are offered for solids level monitoring tasks where previously only more complex, two part systems have performed adequately. NIVELCO’s high efficiency SenSonic narrow beam angle transducers, giving superb signal transmission, make possible that the EasyTREK and EchoTREK units overcome filling noise, dusting and irregular surface formations in most cases to give a high performance, compact, powder and solids level measurement transmitter. This is provided by the QUEST+ software, using advanced process adaptive signal processing for reliable echo monitoring, offering a best-in-class solution.

The newest generation EasyTREK SP-500 series level transmitters are based on NIVELCO’s 35 years of experience with ultrasonic level measurement. The IP68 rated units have their transducer and processing electronics incorporated in one single housing. The new EasyTREK transmitters utilize HART® 7 communication so they can be used in multidrop systems connected to MultiCONT process controller/display, or to a PC with the help of the UNICOMM HART®-USB modem or similar. The transmitters can be remotely programmed also with Handheld Field Communicator, and can be connected wirelessly to a PC with the SAT-504 Bluetooth® HART® modem. The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognized from the more compact size, the increased maximum measuring range and the decreased minimum measuring range.

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Ultrasonic level metering technology is based on the principle of measuring the time required for the ultrasound pulses to cover the distance from the sensor to the surface of the medium and back. The echoes bounced back from the surface reach the face of the sensor after the time of flight of the ultrasonic impulse. The time of flight of the reflected signal is measured and processed by the electronics, and then this is converted to distance, level, volume or mass proportional data with the help of the customizable tank shape and dimensions. The intelligent QUEST+ process adaptive signal processing software system ensures that the electronics identifies and validates the solids surface signal, giving reliable level monitoring. Coning or arching caused by the filling / emptying process can result in an adversely weak echo when the transducer is installed vertically. The joystick aiming device, an important part of the EasyTREK and EchoTREK level transmitters offers a suitable solution to minimize most of the these unfavourable effects. The optimal tilting position can be adjusted during operation and recommended to be checked at multiple levels during the filling / emptying process. As a general rule, best result is obtained by the transducer aimed towards the center of the tank bottom.