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NIVOPOINT Series, Magnetic Level Switch

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NIVOPOINT Series, Magnetic Level Switch

NIVOPOINT magnetic float level switches are suitable for level detection, level switching, and one or multipoint level controlling tasks in normal as well as in hazardous areas. The device consists of a probe tube, a float incorporating a magnet and a housing containing the connection terminals. A maximum of 5 switches can be incorporated in the probe. A sliding sleeve on the top of the probe provides for a simultaneous ±25 mm adjustment possibility of the positioning of the switches.

Hazard Area Rated Level Switch
The wetted parts of the level switch are made of stainless steel. The plastic coated versions are suitable for level detecting of aggressive liquids, and the ATEX certified versions are applicable for level switching of explosive materials. Floats and process connections can be selected according to the measured medium and the application. The mini type NIVOPOINT magnetic float level switches are suitable for maximum level indication in small tanks. The small size and easy mounting of the switch allows maximum level detection in appliances or tanks using process connections made for different other purposes.

  • Level switching without auxiliary power Maximum 5 switching points
  • Stainless steel and plastic coated versions 302°F medium temperature
  • Mini version
  • Wide variety of floats ATEX version


  • Operation without power supply
  • Reed switch connection
  • Wetted parts stainless steel or plastic
  • Up to 5 switching points
  • Vertical adjustability of all switching points
  • Multiple process connections
  • Flame-proof variants available
  • 5 year warranty


  • Liquids with minimum 0.4 specific gravity
  • Multi-point level switch in closed tanks
  • Foaming liquids, chemicals with dense vapor or gas layer above the surface
  • Chemical, oil industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Power plants
  • For controlling pumps, valves
  • Level detection of aggressive liquids
  • Level switching of explosive liquids
  • Water industry

Using a Magnetic Float Level Switch

NIVOPOINT magnetic float level switches work on the basis of the interaction of the built-in magnet in the float and the reed switches in the probe. The float of NIVOPOINT level switch devices moves alongside the probe tube tracking the level of the measured liquid and activating the reed switches. When the float moves ahead the reed switches, it changes the default state (NO or NC) of the reed switches, which stay in self-holding state with the help of opposite polarized magnets next to the reed switches. When the liquid level decreases, the float moves ahead the reed switches again, breaks off the self-holding state and restores the previous state of the reed switches.

Magnetic Floats and Reeds for Level Switches

By tracking the level, the magnetic float activates the reed switch in the probe. The reed switch opens or closes according to the position of the magnetic float. The default state is meant with bottom positioned float, the normally opened or closed state of the reed switch can be changed by the inversion of the float. The mini type NIVOPOINT level switches do not contain biasing magnets.

Installing a Magnetic Float Level Switch

A NIVOPOINT level switch equipped with Ø52 mm cylindrical float can be installed into the tank through a 2″ BSP process connection. Units with larger floats need to be flanged unless a mounting of the float by accessing the interior of the tank is allowed. Mini type level switches may feature 1/4″ BSP or 2″ BSP connections. These level switches are to be mounted into a tank from inside and fixed with a nut from outside.

NIVOPOINT Magnetic Float Level Switch Specifications

Ambient temperature: −40…+203 °F
Process temperature: −40…+302 °F
Process pressure: up to 363 psig
Output: 250 V AC, 3A
Process connection: 1″, 2″ or flanges
Ingress protection: IP67, IP68
Approvals: ATEX, BV (Marine)

NIVOPOINT Series Magnetic Float Level Switch Model Line-Up


Standard type

Plastic coated type

Explosion-proof type

Mini type

Insertion length

0.25 m…3 m

0.1 m…0.5 m

Material of wetted parts

1.4404 float / 1.4571

PVDF or PP float / PFA coated guiding tube

1.4404 float / 1.4571

1.4404 float / 1.4571

Maximum process pressure

2.5 MPa (25 bar)

0.5 MPa (5 bar)

2.5 MPa (25 bar)

Minimum medium density

0.8 kg/dm3

0.4 / 0.7 kg/dm3

0.8 kg/dm3

Medium temperature

-40≥˚F…302˚F -40˚F…176˚F

see: temperature data for Ex versions table below


Ambient temperature




1…5 pcs reed-switches,
one connecting point of each is common, NO/NC

1…3 pcs reed-switches, NO or NC depending on float orientation

Switching rate

120 W / VA, 250 V AC/DC, 3 A / reed relay, summary max. 9 A

120 W/VA 250 V AC/DC max. 3 A

Switching point

see: auxiliary data of the order codes table

40 mm ± 3 mm from the bottom of the protection tube

Switching differential

< 10 mm

Distance between reed-switches

Minimum 110 mm

Electrical connection

Cable gland M 20×1.5, Cable gland M 20×1.5, cable outer Ø: 6…12 mm cable outer Ø: 9.5…10 mm

0.5 m long, 2 x 0.75 mm2/ cable with silicon sealing (outer Ø: 5 mm)

terminal, 0.5 … 2.5 mm2 wire cross section

Process connection

as per order code


Klingerit – Klingerit

Electrical protection

Class I

Class II

Ingress protection

IP 65

IP 68


II 2 G EEx d IIC T3…T6

Bureau Veritas

Dimension of the housing

116 x 80 x 65 mm

124 x 80 x 65 mm


0.4 kg + 0.3 kg/fm

0.45 kg + 0.3 kg/fm

0.15 kg + cable: 0.05 kg/fm

Temperature Data for Ex D Float Level Switch Model






Max. ambient temperature from -4˚F





Max. medium temperature from -4˚F