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EasyTREK Series, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters for Liquids

EasyTREK Series, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters for Liquids

The EasyTREK Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids are high performance level transmitters for liquid level measurement in sumps or tanks, for tank contents measurement, or open channel flow measurement. Installed on the tank roof or above the liquid surface to be measured, these transmitters give analog output proportional to liquid level or transmit HART digital data. The EasyTREK Series high performance level transmitters are IP68 rated units have their transducer and processing electronics incorporated in one single housing.

  • 2-wire, 4-wire compact, 2-wire integrated level transmitters
  • Non-contact level measurement with narrow (5°) beam angle
  • Maximum 82 feet measuring range
  • 12 V battery and HART communication option
  • Full temperature compensation
  • IP68 rated integrated (blind) type
  • Plug-in display unit for the compact types
  • Ex version and handheld compatibility option


  • 2-wire transmitter with non-contact level metering
  • Narrow 5° beam angle
  • Excellent signal processing via QUEST+ software
  • Temperature compensation, 32-point linearization
  • Secondary lightning protection
  • PP, PVDF, PTFE housing and transducers
  • Explosion-proof variants available
  • Level and volume measurement, open-channel flow metering
  • Fail-safe indication
  • 5 year warranty


  • Level measurement of most liquids and slurries
  • Flammable liquids and corrosive chemicals
  • Agriculture
  • Construction materials
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Oil industry
  • Paper mill
  • Water and wastewater industry
  • Vapor, fume, mixing blades, and light foam
  • Level measurement in basins, wells, sumps, lift-stations
  • Level measurement of hydrocarbons, acids, aggressive liquids, any water based medium

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Technology Using Echo Detection

The ultrasonic level metering technology is based on the principle of measuring the time required for the ultrasound pulses to cover the distance from the sensor to the level to be measured and back. The echoes bounced back from the surface of the medium to be measured reach the sensor surface after the time of flight of the ultrasonic impulse. The time of flight of the reflected signal is measured and processed by the electronics, and then this is converted to distance, level, volume or flow proportional data with the help of the customizable tank dimensions or the pre-programmed flume / weir parameters. The intelligent QUEST+ process adaptive signal processing software system ensures that the electronics identifies and validates the liquid surface signal, giving reliable level monitoring.

EasyTREK for Liquids Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The EasyTREK Series can be used in multi-drop systems connected to MultiCONT process controller and display, or to a PC with the help of the UNICOMM HART USB and RS485 modem or similar. The EasyTREK Series is available with measurement ranges up to 82 feet, providing wide application possibilities. These ultrasonic level transmitters are use SenSonic range transducers with a full beam angle of 5 to 7 degrees connected to intelligent electronics featuring the QUEST+ advanced signal processing algorithm.

HART Protocol and PC Communications

The instruments with HART output can be connected to a PC using a UNICOMM SAK-305 HART-USB modem. All measured values of the EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitters can be visualized and/or the instruments can be remotely programmed via digital HART communication. Applicable software for PC: EView2 configuration software or NIVISION process visualization software. The level sensors with HART output can be connected to a PC via Bluetooth wireless connection using a UNICOMM HART- USB-Bluetooth modem (SAT-504). Power supply can be provided for the system with a USB power bank connected to the UNICOMM modem.

These ultrasonic level sensors utilize HART communication so they can be used in multidrop systems connected to MultiCONT process controller and display, or to a PC with the help of the UNICOMM HART-USB modem or similar. These level transmitters can also be connected wirelessly to a PC with the SAT-504 Bluetooth HART modem. The EasyTREK Series has a compact size, increased maximum measuring range, decreased minimum measuring range, and can be remotely programmed also with handheld field communicator.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters in HART Multidrop Loop

The MultiCONT multichannel process controller processes and displays measurement data supplied by HART equipped transmitters connected to a Multidrop loop. The transmitters (also mixed models) can be connected and remote programming can be also performed through theMultiCONT. Re-transmission of the data is possible via RS485 communication line to a PC or PLC when needed. The visualisation of the data can be done by NIVISION process visualization software. With the help of MultiCONT, different useful functions can be achieved such as configuring and optimizing the measurement or displaying the special echo map of the process environment.

Easy Process Control with EasyTREK Series Level Sensors for Liquids

With the help of the SAP-200 plug-in display a full-parameter programming can be accomplished, the parameters of measurement and output can be set using the alphanumeric display module. The large LCD display displays the measured values in numerical and bar graph form. The display features indication for the infrared communication (IrDA) port which provides possibility for logger readout, diagnostics and software upgrade.

The MultiCONT multichannel process controller / display unit is able to visualize the Echo Map. The Echo Map feature helps to detect false reflections and aids the optimization of the measurement configuration.

EasyTREK for Liquids Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Specifications

Supply voltage 11…36 V DC
Ambient temperature −22…176°F
Process temperature −22…194°F
Process pressure (absolute): 7.5…43.5 psig
Measuring range 0.49…59 feet
Output 4…20 mA, HART, relay
Process connection 1″ BSP, 1½” and 2″ NPT
Ingress protection IP68
EasyTREK Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids Model Line-Up
SP-500 SP-300
System 2-wire
Accuracy(1) ± (0.1% of measured distance +0.025% of range) or ± (0.05% of range), whichever is greater ± (0.2% of measured distance +0.05% of range)
Resolution Depending on the measured distance:
<6.5 ft: 0.04 in, 6.5–16.5 ft: 0.075 in, 16.5–33 ft: 0.2 in, >33 ft: 0.4 in
Analog 4 – 20 mA
Relay SPDT, 30 V DC, 1 A DC
Digital Communication HART 7 HART
Ambient temperature -22°F…176°F
Pressure (absolute) 0.5 – 3 bar; 7.25 – 43.5 psi
Power supply 11 – 36 V DC 12 – 36 V DC / 48 – 720 mW
Electrical protection Class III
Housing PP or PVDF same as the transducer material Polypropylene (PP) or (PVDF) same as the transducer material; In case of Teflon (PTFE) transducer the housing material is PP
Sealing In case of PP transducer: EPDM; all the other transducers: FPM (Viton)
Electrical connection 4x 0.5 mm2 (AWG20) (relay version: 7x 0.5 mm2 (AWG20) shielded 0.25 inch cable; standard cable length: 16.5 ft (can be ordered up to 100 ft)
Ingress protection IP68
Explosion protection None See: “Ex Certified” table below
Mass 1.8 – 2.65 lb 2.65 – 4.4 lb

(1) under optimum conditions and stabilized transducer temperature

Ex Certified EasyTREK Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

EasyTREK SP-300
Protection type Intrinsically safe
Ex marking (ATEX) II 1 G Ex ia IIB T6…T5 Ga
Intrinsically safe data Ci ≤ 28 nF, Li ≤ 200 μH, Ui ≤ 30 V, Ii ≤ 140 mA, Pi ≤ 1 W
Ambient temperature -4°F…158°F
Process temperature With PP transducer: -4°F…158°F;
with PVDF transducer: -4°F…176°F; Temperature class T6
with PTFE transducer: -22°F…194°F; Temperature class T5
Electrical connection 6 x 0.5 mm2 shielded Ø6 mm cable