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mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Series, Coriolis Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Series, Coriolis Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

The compact mass flow meters of mini CORI-FLOW Series can be built in an explosion proof housing for use in IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas, ATEX approval II 2 G Ex d e IIB T6 Gb. All electrical instrument connections are available on screw terminals in an electrical housing connected to the Ex d box.

Low Flow Meter and Controller with Ex d Rating
The mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Series are designed for small flow rates, from 100 mg/h up to 30 kg/h, both for liquids and gases. The instruments can be used in systems with pipeline pressures up to 137 bar (1987 psi). The Coriolis flow meter can be equipped with a heater to prevent condensation or solidification inside the instrument. Optionally an additional (external) control unit can be provided to monitor and control the heating temperature. mini CORI-FLOW Ex d models XM12 thru XM14 can be offered for flow rates from:

  • lowest range 0…5 g/h
  • up to highest range 0…30 kg/h


  • Direct mass flow measurement
  • Fast response time
  • High accuracy (0.2% Rd + ZS for liquids, 0.5% Rd + ZS for gases)
  • Highly stable
  • Compact Coriolis Controller
  • All wetted parts stainless steel; option: Hastelloy-C22
  • Explosion proof housing for use in IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas
  • IP65 housing
  • Analog plus digital communication
  • Integrated PID controller for control valve or pump
  • Integrated totaliser for batch control


  • Semiconductor processing
  • Food and beverage industries
  • (Petro)chemical installations
  • Controlled supply of odorant to natural gas (THT dosing)

Mass Flow Meter for Applications in Hazardous Area, Zone 1

Instruments of the mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Series contain a uniquely shaped, single loop sensor tube, forming part of an oscillating system. When a fluid flows through the tube, Coriolis forces cause a variable phase shift, which is detected by sensors and fed into the integrally mounted pc-board. The resulting output signal is strictly proportional to the real mass flow rate. Coriolis mass flow measurement is fast, accurate and inherently bi-directional. The mini CORI-FLOW Ex d features density and temperature of the fluid as secondary outputs.

Mass Flow Control

The mini CORI-FLOW Ex d mass flow meter offers integrated PID control for direct control of valves or pumps, thus constituting compact Coriolis mass flow control loops. Valves or pumps to be used in Zone 1 can also be provided with the meter, but have to be installed outside the Ex d box, to be electrically connected to the screw terminal of the unit.

mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meter and Controller Model Line-Up

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Full Scale capacities versus pressure rating

PN 107 bar PN 138 bar
XM12  |  0 … 200 g/h
XM13  |  0 … 2000 g/h
XM14  |  0 … 30 kg/h