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LVDT Mounting Blocks

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LVDT Mounting Blocks

Pre-made LVDT mounting blocks, from NewTek, allow for simple mounting of the LVDT housing. LVDT mounting blocks are constructed of phenolic and designed so that they will hold the LVDT securely without causing mechanical deformation to the housing. LVDT mounting blocks are available for compatibility with Newtek standard size LVDTs. Mounting blocks have several holes that can be used for affixing to a structure and a screw to clamp the LVDT housing within the block.


NewTek MT-series line of LVDT mounting blocks make LVDT installation easy. Made for LVDTs with the most common diameters, they have pre-drilled and tapped holes for mounting to a fixture or surface. Made of rugged materials, the mounting blocks are suitable for industrial applications where a secure, reliable mounting of the LVDT is required.

Typically, NewTek LVDT mounting blocks are used to affix the LVDT housing to a fixed reference position. The core is mechanically linked to the measured object using a core rod kit or other means.


Mounting Block Compatibility Available Diameters in “D” (in)
MT-812 0.812″ Diameter LVDTs 0.812
MT-750 0.750″ Diameter LVDTs 0.750
MT-375 0.375″ Diameter LVDTs 0.375

Ordering NewTek LVDT Mounting Blocks

MT – DDD – T

MT – Mounting Block

D – Diameter

T – Temperature Class (Blank: 300˚F | -H: 400˚F)