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eWON Industrial Gateway COSY131 WAN/LAN/USB + WIFI

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eWON Industrial Gateway COSY131 WAN/LAN/USB + WIFI

Industrial Remote Access Gateway

Cosy 131 and the Talk2M worldwide VPN infrastructure enable Machine Builders to troubleshoot their machines without going on-site, drastically reducing support costs, improving customer responsiveness, and increasing machine up-time.


Easier Than Easy

  • Quick setup wizard
  • Works out of the box with all major PLC/HMI brands and USB enabled devices
  • The machine and its PLC can be kept operational during installation
  • Easy to commission without a local connection

No Hidden Costs

  • FREE VPN client for desktop and mobile
  • Included Talk2M® VPN cloud access
  • Unlimited number of machines and users

IT Approved

  • Exclusive outbound connection for high security
  • Two-factor authentication and connection audit trail
  • Only devices connected to the LAN of the Ewon Cosy can be accessed
  • VPN Remote access can be controlled (on/off) by the end-user with an external key switch
  • ISO27001 and ISECOM STAR Certified


  • As your business grows, Ewon grows with you thanks to the Talk2M global cloud infrastructure
  • 25 worldwide servers to support your machines, wherever they are installed
  • Easy addition of Ewon Cosy devices and users to your account

High Availability

  • Multiple WAN connectivity options
  • Secondary WAN interface for Internet connectivity
  • Configurable SMS and Email notification for pro-active maintenance
  • Redundant server architecture for always-ready Remote Access
  • First-rate monitoring – 24/7/365