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Horner Expansion and Remote I/O

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Horner Expansion and Remote I/O

Do you need additional Inputs and Outputs for your Horner PLC?  Check out their selection of modular Expansion and Remote I/O systems:

  • SmartRail I/O Highly Expandable Remote & Expansion I/O for OCS
  • SmartStack I/O modules are snapped onto the Operator Control Station (OCS) or an off-mounted base, and then stacked onto each other
  • SmartBlock Easy & cost-effective way to add advanced I/O
  • SmartStix I/O Terminal-block style I/O for Operator Control Stations (OCS)


SmartRail I/O is a modular I/O system for OCS offering a choice of fieldbus networks (CsCAN, Ethernet, CANopen and Profibus). It is a flexible I/O system that can be applied as a local expansion I/O or remote I/O distributed over hundreds of meters. SmartRail is also a compact I/O system – supporting 128 I/O points in a footprint of only 90H x 215W (mm) or 3.5H x 8.75W (in.)

There are over 50 SmartStack I/O modules available.They include a variety of mixed I/O modules offering a combination of inputs and outputs, digital and analog, and specialty modules: High Speed Counter (1 MHz), Stepper Indexer, ASCII BASIC, and AC Power Monitoring modules.You can select from a full complement of temperature input modules (Thermocouple, RTD,Thermistor), and SmartStack communication options include Ethernet TCP/IP, DeviceNet™ Master and Slave, PROFIBUS™ Master and Slave and CANopen Master. Custom I/O configurations and modules are available at an added cost.

SmartBlock is designed to complement the extremely popular SmartStix Digital I/O family. These two I/O families can be used to expand the I/O capacity of just about any OCS by merely a few points – or potentially few thousand. Additionally, SmartBlock is easily configured using the Horner Cscape software and can be quickly implemented into an existing or new OCS controller.

SmartStix I/O is extremely compact, providing 16 and 32 point digital I/O in a package only 1.5” (39mm) deep and a footprint of 2”H x 4.5”W (50 x 116mm) or 2”H x 7”W (50 x 177mm). With its small footprint, SmartStix I/O takes up very little panel space whether located in the main control panel or tucked away in a remote location. SmartStix I/O has a barrier style terminal strip and can be mounted on a DIN-rail.