High Performance Gauge Pressure Transmitter


Base accuracy

• from 0.06 % of calibrated span

Reliable sensing system coupled with very latest digital technologies

• provides large turn down ratio up to 60:1

Comprehensive sensor choice

• optimize in-use total performance and stability

Flexible configuration facilities

• provided locally via local LCD keypad

New TTG (Through-The-Glass) keypad technology

• allows quick and easy local configuration without opening the cover, even in explosion proof environments

IEC 61508 certification

• version for SIL2 (1oo1) and SIL3 (1oo2) applications

PED compliance to Sound Engineering Practice (SEP)

All welded constructions

• grant economically feasible and technically sound solutions

• ensuring total reliability at line pressure down to full vacuum



High Performance Gauge Pressure Transmitter

– Sensor Span Limits / Sensor Overpressure / Base H2.67 and 160 kPa (26.7 and 1600 mbar, 10.7

Accuracy and 642 in. H2O) / 21 MPa (210 bar, 3045

psi) / Base accuracy 0.075%

– Diaphragm Material / Fill FluidRAISI 316L ss / Silicone oil (NACE)

– Process ConnectionRDiaphragm seal (direct ore remote)

– Housing Material / Electrical ConnectionAAluminum alloy (Barrel version) / 1/2 in. – 14


– Output1HART and 4 to 20 mA – Advanced


– Hazardous Area CertificationE8IECEx Intrinsic Safety Ex ia

– Integral LCDL1Digital LCD integral display with integrated


– Mounting Bracket Shape / MaterialB6For pipe/wall mounting / Carbon steel

– ConfigurationN2Standard pressure = in. H2O / psi at 68 °F;



Complete With
S26TT Off-line threaded diaphragm seal, connected to the transmitter by Taylor’s All-Welded
technology. Seal with 2.5 in. diaphragm and NPT-f threaded process connection

– Transmitter Side of ConnectionHHigh pressure side

– Connection Size41 in. NPT-f

– Bolts1AISI 316 SS

– Mounting Flange MaterialSAISI 316 SS

– Diaphragm MaterialNMAISI 316L SS gold-plated

– Capillary ProtectionAAISI 316L SS armor

– Capillary LengthE3 m (10 ft)

– Fill FluidSSilicone oil PMX 200 10 cSt

– Flushing ConnectionsQFlushing connection provided with n° 2 holes

¼”NPT-f threaded with plugs

– Gasket7Graphite


ABB 266 Pressure Transmitters with Seals
Data Sheet

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