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GAR-750 Series Right Angle LVDT Gage Head

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GAR-750 Series Right Angle LVDT Gage Head

The NewTek GAR-750 Series gage head sensors are spring-loaded AC LVDTs with excellent linearity, high sensitivity, and infinite resolution. The GAR Series of LVDT sensors have windings that are potted inside its housing with a 2 component epoxy, providing excellent protection against hostile environments.


The construction of the NewTek GAR-750 series consists of a stainless steel probe assembly and 3/4 inch diameter hermetically sealed housing. The electrical connection is made through a radially mounted connector, resulting in a reduced housing length. These LVDT sensors are designed for a wide range of position measurement and dimensional gaging applications. They are available in ranges of ±0.50 inches (1.27mm) to ±2 inches (50mm).


GAR-750 Series Right Angle Gage Head from NewTek Sensor Solutions

  • Spring-loaded probe
  • Radially mounted connector
  • Welded 3/4 inch hermetically sealed steel housing
  • Measurement ranges from ± 0.05 to ± 2 inches
  • Linearity ±0.15% of Full Range Typical
  • Shock and vibration tolerant
  • Wide operating temperature range (-65◦F to 275◦F)
  • Choice of probe contact tips
  • Standard and custom models available

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