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eWON Netbiter LC310

eWON Netbiter LC310

The Netbiter LC310 edge connectivity gateway has built-in connectivity to ThingWorx which is configured through a local web-based user interface that do not require any programming or software engineering. This simple configuration method makes the Netbiter LC310 unique and a very simple solution for getting an installation connected to the ThingWorx cloud.


How it works:

  • A Netbiter LC310 connectivity gateway comes with an included wizard which makes it easy to map values from Modbus devices or on-board I/Os to ThingWorx. The result is that you can connect your equipment in the field to ThingWorx with a couple of mouseclicks.
  • ThingWorx access: Once the gateway has been installed and powered up, it is ready for configuration. To access the web-based configuration interface, it is possible to connect with the gateway from a PC / laptop using either an Ethernet network connection (WAN-port of the gateway) or a USB (micro-connector) connection.

The LC310 gateway connects to equipment for Power Generators, UPS systems, Waste/Wastewater monitoring equipment, Building- and HVAC systems, Industrial automation equipment and many more.

The gateway can connect to your field equipment via Modbus RTU/TCP. In addition, on-board I/Os provides the option to connect sensors and additional equipment to the system.

LC310 offers unique technology for secure access to your industrial equipment located behind firewalls, without opening ports for incoming traffic. The gateway communicates via Ethernet, there is no need for public, fixed IP addresses or third-party VPN tunnels.

The LC310 gateway contains a built-in web server, allowing you to remotely monitor and control industrial devices and equipment connected over Ethernet.

The user friendly web interface and configurable pages can be accessed using any standard web browser. In addition, the LC310 also contains built-in features for alarm handling and data logging. Here you can monitor live values, manage and re-direct alarms, and view logged data.