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eWON Netbiter EC350

eWON Netbiter EC350

The EC350 edge connectivity gateway is the hardware part of the eWON Netbiter Remote Management solution. The gateway connects to your field equipment and securely exchanges data with the Argos IOT platform over a Cellular 3G or Ethernet network. From here you can simply login to Argos and start to manage your installations.


The EC350 gateway connects to equipment for Power Generators, UPS systems, Water/Wastewater, Building- and HVAC systems and much more.

The gateway connects to your equipment via Modbus RTU/TCP, SNMP, EtherNet/IP and J1939. In addition, on-board I/Os provides the option to connect sensors and additional equipment directly to the system.

The uplink to Argos is made via a Cellular or Ethernet network. Any SIM card can be used as long as it has a data plan.

The EC350 gateway offers unique technology for secure access to your industrial equipment located behind firewalls without opening ports for incoming traffic. The gateway communicates via Cellular or Ethernet and eliminates the need for public, fixed IP addresses and third-party VPN tunnels.

The EC350 Gateway has two separate Ethernet interfaces (WAN and LAN) which makes possible to provide secure communication to the field installation.

Enabling Remote Access mode provides a secure communication tunnel to the serial and Ethernet ports of a Netbiter EC350 gateway and any devices connected to it.

This makes it possible to use PC-based software applications (such as Studio5000, RSLogix, Step7, TIA Portal, Unity PRO, GX Developer and more) to program, configure or debug any machine or industrial PLC, just as if being on site.