Eldridge Products Master-Touch™ Thermal Mass Flowmeter

In many industries the need for monitoring gas flow involves hazardous gases, potentially dangerous operating environments or simply a desire for a rugged, industrial-strength configuration. These applications include many common manufacturing processes, natural gas submetering, compressed air auditing, etc. Our MP Series flow meters feature a robust physical design and an equally robust set of features to support a broad range of flow measurement requirements.



The Master-Touch™ MP Series flow meters are available for both inline and insertion style installations.  All inline style flowmeters for line sizes of 3/4” and larger include a pair of inlet flow conditioners. These conditioners help to improve problematic, uneven flow profiles by disrupting the gas flow and allowing it to assume a more uniform profile, without adding any significant pressure drop in most applications.

Integral and remote style electronics enclosures are offered with the Master-Touch™ MP Series as well. The dual-sided integral enclosure allows access to the input/output wiring without exposing the internal electronics to the environment.  The Master-Touch™ MP Series is approved by CSA/CUS, ATEX, IECEx and KOSHA for use in hazardous area locations.


Eldridge Products Master Touch 8600-8700MP
Data Sheet
Eldridge Products Master-Touch 8000-8100MP
Data Sheet
Eldridge Products Master-Touch 8200MP
Data Sheet
Eldridge Products Master-Touch 8800MP
Data Sheet

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