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DEHN - Yellow/Line IT-Systems

DEHN - Yellow/Line IT-Systems

DEHN’s Yellow/Line surge protection portfolio comprises surge protective devices for information technology devices and systems of buildings, process plants and telecommunication systems.

Contact Process Solutions for help engineering a complete lightning and surge protection system.  Industrial, oilfield, office park, residential… DEHN manufactures protection systems for all systems using modular DIN-rail mounted surge suppressors.


DEHN’s Yellow/Line® Surge Protection for IT Systems:

  • BLITZDUCTOR SP/XT/XTU protects measuring and control circuits, bus systems, and telecommunication systems with modular SPDs.
  • DEHNconnect SD2 terminal blocks are space-saving and function-optimized SPDs for measuring and control circuits, and bus systems.
  • BLITZDUCTOR VT surge protective devices are ideally suited for process and automation technology.
  • DEHNrapid series for LSA technology is a flexibly combinable system of lightning current and surge arresters for telecommunication systems and measuring and control applications.
  • DEHNpipe provides effective protection for field devices and in hazardous areas.
  • DEHNpatch and NET Protector protect Ethernet, ISDN, and DSL rack-mount interfaces.
  • DEHNgate provides protection for coaxial systems such as satellite systems, modern technology, video and transmission systems and large transmitters and receivers.
  • LifeCheck® senses imminent SPD failure.
  • And more!