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Cscape with Symbols on USB Flash Drive

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Cscape with Symbols on USB Flash Drive


Latest version of Cscape Software, Current Version 9.9.0 SP6, released in January 2022, PLUS a complete library of over 4000 symbol objects to use in your projects. The software will be shipped to you on a flash drive.


Within the Cscape with Symbols software, objects are fully editable, scaleable, and configurable. Symbols are easy to add and are completely accessible via the “Tools Menu” using the “View and Edit Graphic Pages” option within Cscape.


  • 4000 object symbol library
  • Distributed on a reuseable USB Flash Drive for easy installation
  • Symbols include categories such as:
    • Chemical
    • Food
    • General Mfg.
    • HVAC
    • Panels
    • Plant Facilities
    • Process Heating
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Plus 55 more categories!