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Chemical Dosing System

Chemical Dosing System

Chemical Dosing Systems from Process Solutions Corp. eliminate the guess work in the dosing of fuels and other liquids. It features an easy to operate user interface that relies on color touchscreen controls and fully automatic operation with alarming and quick shutdown.

  • Automatic Modes Include:
    • Alarming and Quick Shut Down
    • Totalizing Mode: For pumping a desired volume
    • Fueling Mode: For pumping a volumetric ratio in real time
  • Manual Mode for:
    • Testing
    • Troubleshooting
    • Calibration
  • Fully capable controller allows custom programming for specific requirements
  • Built-in security features


  • Fully capable controller allows custom programming for specific requirements
  • Flexible design
    • Can accommodate a variety of liquids, flow rates, and installation requirements
    • Stand-alone, rack-mounted, and portable systems available
  • Easy to operate using color touchscreen controls
  • Fully automatic operation with alarming and quick shutdown
  • Automatic Totalizing Mode for pumping a desired volume
  • Automatic Fueling Mode for pumping a volumetric ratio in real time
  • Manual mode operation for testing, troubleshooting and calibration
  • Universal supply by AC or DC

Chemical Dosing System with Pre-programmed, User Friendly Interface

Our chemical dosing system eliminates the guess work in the dosing of liquids such as dyes, chemicals, and fuels. Our standard models can be easily modified to accommodate most any flow rate and liquid handling capability including corrosive liquids. The color touchscreen controls provides easy-to-use interface and includes security and safety features such as password protection, alarming, quick shutdown, and manual or fully automatic operation mode.

This automated dosing system is ideal for batching or continuous dosing of additives to fuels such as diesel blending. This could include water in diesel applications or the dosing of other chemicals to fuels including gasoline or for dosing chemicals such as chlorine to waste water streams.

Liquid Dosing with Fully Customizable Design Possibilities

Assembled in-house, our engineers will work closely with your team to design the ideal system for your application. Available in standalone, mounted, or portable units, these liquid dosing units can be designed to fit most any dosing application and environment such as in gas processing facilities, refineries, and drill sites, in large scale food and beverage production facilities, or even offshore on rigs or ships.

Since these liquid dosing systems are designed and built in-house, they can be custom designed and/or programmed to fit your exact specification. This means our chemical dosing systems can work with a wide range of flow rates, viscosities, and more. Additionally, our dosing units can be built as stand-alone units, rack-mounted units, or portable units. Stand-alone units can be optionally equipped with a sunshield, making it ideal for use outdoors or in rugged environments where the touchscreen HMI would need to be covered when not in use, such as marine vessels. Portable units are built in custom Pelican cases, allowing them to be easily transported while staying sufficiently protected from the environment and other types of damage.

Liquid Dosing System with Preprogrammed, User Friendly Interface

Featuring a touchscreen interface, our liquid dosing systems are programmed to be reliable, effective, and easy to control. Loaded with functionality such as automatic fueling mode and totalizing mode, our liquid dosing units are engineered and assembled in house. This means our programs can be modified or include additional features to meet the unique operation and safety requirements of your application.

Safe and Secure Operation

Automated operation doesn’t mean it’s not monitored. Our liquid dosing systems include alarming to help prevent operation errors and features a quick shutdown function to ensure safety and to provide the operator with ultimate control. Additionally, this dosing unit is programmed with a manual operation mode, which allows users to test, troubleshoot, and calibrate the unit as needed.

Universal Chemical Dosing System with Fast Production

These dosing systems are necessarily one size fits all, but we designed them to be easily modified to suit the specific needs of each user.  The universal supply works on AC or DC power to allow use in a wide variety of locations whether on land, offshore, or over seas. The design allows for a variety of pumps to be selected for your unit, which means our dosing systems can handle almost any liquid at any flow rate.

Complete Control over Liquid Dosing Processes

Although designed to be user friendly, the control unit on this dosing system versatile and far from basic. Aside from the modifiable, preprogrammed features, the control unit also offers powerful data logging and remote access and monitoring capabilities. It can even be programmed to display multiple languages!