Aqua Master FEW431 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Enhanced Integral System (Sensor + Transmitter)


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  • Return On Investment in as soon as 3 months!
  • Close to zero maintenance required on the flowmeter
  • Future proof
  • 0 to 0 Pipe Diameter
  • Plug & Play
  • User Friendly
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Multiple measurement parameters

  • flow rate, flow velocity, volume flow (forward, reverse and net) and pressure (option)

Multiple power options

  • battery (with up to 10 years life), solar/wind renewable and AC mains

Wide range of sensor styles and size

  • reduced bore DN40 to 600, virtual full bore DN40 to 200, full bore DN250 to 2400 and probe 300 to 1000 mm

Ideal for arduous applications

  • IP68 for submersion and up to 5m buriable


  • in situ diagnostics and self-checking capabilities

flexible communications

  • pulse, Modbus™, and Sensus™ with wireless interface to mobile smartphone/tablet

Additional information


3" DN080, 4" DN100, 6"DN150


AquaMaster 4 Product Brochure
AquaMaster 4 FEW4 and FET4 datasheet
Data Sheet